Anyone out there who also lives in Alaska?

I live in a small Alaskan town. There are only 3 rheumaltolgists in Anchorage, which is a 5 hour drive each way from where I am. I've been on the waiting list for all 3 for over a year, and it looks like it's going to be another 9 months or's really frustrating having to wait so long. I have a great primary care doctor, but he's limited in what he can do for me. He continues to send referals to all of the rheumatologists, but the wait continues. I'm wondering if there is anyone else who lives in Alaska and if so, have you been able to get in with any of the rheumatologists, and any helpful suggestions? Thanks!!

Hello from Anchorage!

Definitely make sure you are at least on the cancellation lists! It took me about 6 months from when my referral was made to get in and he just turned out to be a crock! (long story)
I hope you’re able to find something! I know it’s incredibly frustrating.

Thank you! I am on cancellation lists, but living so far away it woul be difficult to be there if they called and said that they had a cancellation that same day.