AND THEN 9-11 - Is this an especially stressful day and week for you

Will the anniversary of 9-11 cause you some extra stress? It hit me this afternoon when I came home from PT. I was happy with myself (did my water aerobics class, swam some laps, and then stayed on that boring treadmill for 45 minutes, covered two miles). Started working on my vitamin presentation for tomorrow, thinking how wonder it is that vita means life. Then I got into a chat with someone who was depressed - very depressed. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the couch crying my heart out. It took me a few minutes to realize that know matter how I try to push it down, the pain of 9-11 is stressful to me.

Is this time period especially stressful for you? How are you going to get through it - and keep your flare mininized?

Hello All,

I do have anxiety about this day. I was no where near the events as we were here in Illinois. However, I think we all were terrorized. We do become fearful. 10th anniversary. My son and I were at breakfast table the morning at 9/11 and watched the news and the planes hit. He was 6. Last Friday there was a shooting at the high school where my son was to play soccer on Sat. I hoped it would be cancelled as this was a strange random act. They have no metal detectors. It was not cancelled, and I worried the whole time since I was at work and not there. But I intend to wear my red white and blue today--best I can. And I will spend time in remembrance and pray and light a candle. We will not forget. We will honor those lost and the survivors. We will pray for peace for all mankind. I hold no bitterness to any race or religion due to the terrorist acts. I know these were acts of mad men, blinded by the influence of crazed leaders and thinking. Again, prayer, remembrance and honor of those affected--Americans. God Bless Us in Our Time of Grieving and Remembrance. Karla

It just seems like a little while ago I received a call to turn on the TV as the plane hit the towers. I was numb and in shock and in a few seconds, it was as if our world would never be the same. It was surreal. Immediately we wanted to know all of our children were OK. And especially our son and his wife who had arrived in Indonesia the week before. We feared all Americans abroad may be targets. It was hours before we knew where they had been taken for safety reason with no way to communicate. The destruction in NY, the death toll climbing, and the war zone growing. I still get a sick feeling. Lest we never forget that horrible day...let us pray for those who died, for their families, for our government that this will not happen again.

No I feel the saddness, though I am not near where it happened. It was similar to the feeling I had when President Kennedy was shot and killed on that fateful day in 1963. Those memories and feelings remain a lifetime.

Oh, JC, what a day of worry that was for you, your family along with so many others. Surely you were never so glad to see him!

I remember that my son was a MD National Guardsman on high alert. So I had worries of my own, along with his wife and two little girls.

My heart goes out to all affected in any way by the trajedy of that day.

Hello Everyone,

I can never relate in feelings to what your all going through and my heart goes out to you all besides family and friends who passed away but it was one shocking experience to see on the news.

So all my love to you all. Terri xxx

I remember the confusion I had on that day. We could only hear on the radio, we didn't have a tv reception at work. I didn't see the pictures until later that night. I remember talking with my mother during the day, it was very upsetting to her - she lived through WWII in Hungary and experience the war first hand. 9-11 brought alot of that back to her.