Does anyone by chance know if pet allergies (in my case cat) have any impact on lupus?? If so what do you do??
I know this probably sounds crazy but don’t you look for answers anywhere and everywhere?!?! And isn’t lupus to blame for everything?!?! :wink:

Hi Queenie!

If you have Lupus and pets as a cat, you must have it totally dewormed and vaccinated.
Cats and other pets might be a source of allergies or a way of transmission of some disease.
So, you must to have a total higienic control, avoid to sleep with it, and with more reason if you take immunosupressive drugs.

People with Lupus tend to be more allergic than common people, so if you see any reaction and that you think can be from your pet, talk to your doctor.

By other side, a pet can help to control the stress (so bad in people with Lupus). And it's more... the cats, when you hold it and stroke it and they purr, the free pheromones and that's a super good way to free stress.

I hope I've helped you a little :)

That was helpful!! Thanks so much :wink:

Thanks for the reply!! Will check it out :wink:

Hello Queenie,

"Gonzalo and Ann"...have given you great advice concerning allergies but i have read in the past because of having a dog myself...that if your scratched in anyway then you do have to be careful because of your skin and it healing besides your immune system being exposed to germs.

My dog as caught me in the past and the amount of time it's took to heal as been pure madness and regarding a cat they go even deeper.

Love Terri xxx