Just wondering, but does anyone seem to have some very odd allergies? I have an allergie to garlic and all metal! It seems that every time I have a flairup these allergies get worse! For example on a good day i can eat food that has garlic powder, but when im having a flare up just being around food thats being cooked with it causes my throat to close and hives!

I have the same problem. All metals, fiber-con tablets, cats, tomatoes…the list goes on. I am very IgA deficient. I don’t know if you have the same problem, or anyone with lupus, but I have always wondered if that were a contributiong factor because I get sinusitis soo very much. I also get recurring infections in all of my mucus membranes. Don’t know if this helps but I hope it does some what. :slight_smile:

surgeries are especially hard for me becuase the docs insist on using metal instraments, then I end up with an infection! I actulally had an obgyn tell me that it was impossible to have the same reaction to all metals and when he used a metal spreader (cant think of the name lol) for my pap test I instantly started swelling with hives! His reaction, “this shouldnt have happened, it was surgical steel.” I can laugh about it now, but I wish that some of these docs were more educated on Lupus and the wide range of problems that are associated with it!

My allergies to metal are not that severe. That is horrible and scary. Are you allergic to metal everywhere or just in certain areas? Different immunoglobins defend different areas of the body. Have you been tested for a deficiency? Or is it pretty much everywhere? What about amalgom fillings and coins? Any problems with those?

Well I cant wear any jewlery, I have to put tape over the buttons on my pants, so im assuming its everywhere. I havnt had any fillings, but when I broke my tooth and they had to exstract it my skin actually started to deteriate around my jaw from the prolonged exposure to the tools they used! So now before I have any procedures done I have to have medical clearence! My new doc is sending me to an allergist (finally) my appointment is next month!

Sounds like that is the best option. I know I have extreme allergies as well, not as bad as yours however. I do notice that they get way worse during flares in which time I too have to wear tape over my buttons (funny, I didn’t know of anyone else ever doing that) nor can I wear jewelry. Wow, that’s pretty bad. Are you in a constant uncontrolled flare? Or are you really just severely allergic to metals? I sure hope they find out soon. How miserable! I am so sorry! Stay strong and stay away from metals!!! Don’t let those drs. tell you it’s not possible when you clearly know that it is!

At this point yes, I have yet to start treatment… My first app with the ruematologist is coming up soon! It is kind of funny that we can share the whole tape thing lol. I really epreciate the chat Andrea, its alot easier to know what problems are because of the lupus and which ones are not! Im gonna try to rest my brain for the night, gotta an MRI at 7:30. Thank you so very much and I hope to talk with you soon!

So I went in the garden today to pick some tomatos. I eat tomatos every day and have no issues with them, but when I went and picked them today both of my arms started itching and getting really red. What the heck is all that about. I have never had an issue with tomatos ever!!!

I ended up having an allergy to mosquitoes i drives me nuts when im feeling okay a bite is nothing but an itch but when im flaring that bite grows so big it looks like i have a tumor growing :frowning: