Without a diagnosis, is there any point in being here?

Hello to all and God bless anyone who is suffering at this time. I am currently on my unknown day of flu type symptoms, joint pain, nausea, stomach upset, depression, headache and more. I don't have a fever but may as well. Yesterday the headache was the worst of it but today, my stomach is worse and my joint pain is worse. Especially in wrists and fingers.

A few weeks back I was given a diagnosis of gluten allergy (not celiac disease yet but moving in that direction had a continued eating gluten). At first I was so relieved to finally have a possible answer of what was ailing me. My GP said it could be the cause of my anxiety, depression, skin lesions, joint pain, IBS, lethargy, etc etc. At first, I felt wonderful. I had more energy and all my pain was gone. I had a very stressful 2 weeks preparing for family from out of town and also relationship issues. I felt lethargic and physically unwell the whole time my family was here. My dad kept saying I was depressed but I felt it was much more, something physical. Anyway, when they left, I had what I can only describe as a "flare" after reading journals. This whole week I have had a blinding headache, the other symptoms described above, and general malaise. Tuesday I was in bed the majority of the day. Today I can barely move around and feel on the end of horrible. Oh, also, excessive thirst that simply doesn't seem to be quenched.

As my symptoms of "something" have become so much worse in the past month, I decided to start reading lupus blogs as I was given a test last year and the results were such that I "might" have lupus. My rheumatologist at the time was very dismissive, told me the GP should have never given me that test because 10% of the pop can have a false positive or something like that--only a certain percentage of the 10% will be afflicted by lupus. Gave me some exercises to do and told me to come back in a year. My year is up and I am sicker than I have ever felt. The pain is terrible.

After reading several health blogs, I am finding my issues eerily similar to those who have been diagnosed. I am becoming really scared. I am wondering, as I do not have an appointment with a rheumatologist until the end of the month--do you think reading these stories is non-beneficial to my stress levels and is doing more harm than good? Should I move forward with the belief that I do not have Lupus and it is something else that is troubling me? I had no idea that it could be such a debilitating disease. I am truly freaked out. Thank you.

Hi, I hope that something that I say will help. I have had Lupus now for 16 yrs, if your diagnosis does come back positive, please believe me that it is not the end of the world. Sometimes I think that we can read to much on blogs and Internet articles and they can do more harm than good. I also have a lot of the symptoms like you regarding food. My gastroenterologist said that I am Wheat intolerant, when I stopped eating wheat I felt so much better digestion wise, it was amazing ( I can still eat things with gluten in them). Some of the tiredness and headaches went. It is worth a try. Please try not to freak out, if you do have Lupus, you can’t change it, and you do learn to live with it.
Take care, I will be thinking of you.
Aussie Karen

First of all, get a new Rhumy, the one your seeing sounds like one that knows nothing about Lupus. Not all Rhumy's know how to help you with Lupus.

I started feeling bad all the time after the birth of my daughter when I was 29. I went to dr after dr until everyone thought I was crazy, including me! Finally the rash on my arms got so bad that I went to my dermatologist and after what seemed like a hundred diff creams he took a scraping & sent it off, then his office called & told me I needed to see a Rhumy. The first one I saw was just like the one your seeing so I did my research and found another one and have been seeing her ever since.

Please hang in there! I understand your need for knowledge and it can be scary but more than anything you need to find a new dr that will help you.

God Bless! I hope you get some answers soon!

It can be frusting not to have a diagnosis... However, getting the diagnosis doesn't help to make the problems or symptoms go away...

I have begun seeing a holistic chiropractor. They do adjustments as well as acupuncture and a variety of "energy healing” therapies. Seeing them has been kind of a mixed experience as they are very anti-prescription/drug use… They don’t even believe in OTC pain relievers. So it’s hard to listen to what they say and what medical doctors say and decide what’s best. However, they can do muscle tests and there’s something very “witch-doctory” about it but I have seen them heal/help many patients who cannot get help from anyone else. The problem is that insurance usually does not pay for chiropractic treatment especially when they use these kinds of techniques. I highly suggest visiting one in your area, at least for a free consult and if nothing else, just to hear the other side of the story that medical doctors (who get a lot of their information from pharmaceutical companies who are nothing but salesmen). I have a lot of issues with “stomach problems”, anxiety, depression, concentration, all over pain, etc… After seeing them for a month, my pain has decreased and the supplements that have me on are targeting the hypothalamus (area of the brain that controls the “fight/flight” reaction i.e.: anxiety), a collagen supplement which is supposed to supplement the connective tissues in the body and something called cataplex-c which is supposed to target my low platelet count. I have not been taking these supplements long enough to know if they are “working” but they have no side effects or harmful ingredients so I figured it was worth a try. They were also able to tell me exactly which foods to avoid (as the majority of the workings of our immune systems take place within our digestive track). I was told to avoid gluten, nightshades, specific fruits, any kind of refined/processed sugar and to only eat grain-fed beef. This was a major lifestyle change and I’m sure it’s not news to anyone who has researched a healthy diet for lupus patients but the knowledge and explanations these chiropractors have shared with me has really helped me to understand how the body works and what I’m doing to make things worse. Here is the link to the office I go to. http://www.bachertwellness.com/ You could visit the link and see the kinds of treatments they offer and it might help you know what to look for in your area. Or you could probably contact them and depending on where you are at, they might know who offers this kind of treatment in your area. They do have patients that come in from all over the United States though to see them. Hope this helps…

Dear confused,

I was first diagnosed with Overlap Syndrome, where you have symptoms of several autoimmune diseases, yet do not have a full diagnosis for any. That changed when Sjogren's came up positive, then my second Rheumatologist diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthritis and Raynauds. SLE was my GP's first suspicion, and I am continuously tested and watched for it.

Like JC said many here are not diagnosed, but they have symptoms, suspicions, and the support that they give and receive is tremendous!

This is a great group of people, we are all here for each other, no matter if the diagnosis is there or not, Lupus is known as the great imitator, and is difficult to diagnose. Please feel at home here and know that you are welcome!

Hugs to you,


PS Having the right Doctors will mean everything to you!


Since your doc told you that you "could have Lupus", it stands to reason that your would research the disease and symptoms. However, understand that there are many other diseases with similar symptoms. The Rheumy told you to come back in a year and it sounds like you have an appointment at the end of the month. Stress is terrible for anyone who has any disease - especially an auto-immune disease! It is difficult to tell someone not to worry or stress though. I can tell you that I will pray that you don't stress! :)

At this doc appointment coming up - I would have a list of your issues over the past year written down and organized so you can tell him. I would push for new blood work and I would also come prepared with a copy of the blood work that your GP did last year.

I mean - what does "MIGHT have Lupus" mean exactly? That would be nice to know.

Lupus can indeed be debilitating - it is debilitating for me. However - you read Ann A.'s response- it has not been debilitating for her and she has had it for 50 years or something like that, that is not unusual.

Unfortunately, I've had a definitive diagnosis since 1994, but was sick/debilitated well before that - I had a brief time of a "pseudo remission" and then was debilitated again. However, I did manage to raise two wonderful, active boys, experience life, have wonderful friends and even a career that I love off and on. I have learned new things and am a respected professional in my own right - debilitated or not. EVEN when we are debilitated we have to stand strong and set our priorities. If you DO have Lupus, you will be able to that too - this is why you are here, we can help you do that!

Hugs to you! Draginfli

Hi Confused,

I think you will definitely find support here, and don't worry if you are diagnosed or not-Lupus is not easily diagnosed. I agree that you should find a new Rheumatologist who will help you get to the bottom of this. Obviously you know your body and that something is not right. So was it an ANA test that suggested an autoimmune issue? I would request a full Lupus panel-including the Anti-smith, Anti-RNP, among others.

I am not firmly diagnosed, but have a great Rheumatologist who is keeping on top of it for me. I had a positive ANA result from another Dr., and took it to my Rhuem., who then had my ANA tested at another lab, plus a full panel which he said was much more sensitive for checking for Lupus. I thought nothing of it at the time, as I thought Lupus had already been ruled out. But I was feeling horrible with symptoms much like yourself so I pressed on. My results came back with a positive Anti-Smith and Anti-RNP as well as ANA. But I stll was not diagnosed as I didn't have enough physical criteria. He went ahead and treated me with Plaquenil, and I have been steadily feeling better ever since. Joint pain and pelvic pain are gone. Flu-like feeling is gone.

My recent labs came up almost normal (so they do fluctuate), with only a slightly positive ANA. This points even more clearly to Lupus, since the drug is working, and now I'm going to try the full dose. I've got over being concerned about a diagnosis or not. People like to ask me if I'm diagnosed, but what's important is that you're getting treated, and get help with feeling better.

Try not to read to the point of worry. Lupus can be mild for some, and if treated can be under control and maybe will never progress. So don't worry about the 'what if's'. Take care of how you're feeling now, and tell others what you need. Lots of rest is necessary when your body is weak. A certain amount of exercise is essential too, like just walking a little bit, or stretching. Hang in there until your next appointment, but keep pushing until you get answers-you have had to wait far too long. All you know at this point is that you don't feel well-it may or may not be Lupus-find a GOOD doctor who is willing to get thorough labs for you. I understand what you are going through and will be interested in how things turn out. One more thing I would add is to include something funny and distracting to read for a while. Laughter can help get your mind off of fears while you're in this process.

Wishing you the best,


Hi everyone...thanks so much for taking the time to personally reply. I have read each of your responses and found your support and guidance helpful.

I just returned from an appt with my gp. I don't know what I was hoping for but I left feeling worse about everything. He said that my blood work is not showing lupus and (he wasn't my regular gp) he diagnosed me right there with fibromyalgia. ??? He told me to increase the zoloft I am taking to full dose (already been there) and to take fish oil and magnesium and exercise. I feel more lost than I did before. He told me to eat wheat when the same doctor's office just told me I had a gluten intolerance. I had a breakdown in his office and just sobbed because I feel like yet another person is saying "this is all in your head so take psych drugs." He gave me information on fibromyalgia. I am so lost. I will just wait for appt with new rhumy--yes I am seeing someone different than previous. Oh, he did test my thyroid for the umpteenth time but this time I asked if anyone had tested my T3 and T4 levels in all this thyroid testing. He said no and that he would now do a T3 and T4 test. I asked him what I could do to combat the symptoms of pain and flu I was feeling. He said just take more zoloft. I feel like giving up. I feel so awful at the moment I feel like why bother. Every doctor seems to think I am crazy and am told to up psych meds. I have been on 200 mgs of zoloft in the past and still had the pain problems but not this flu type feeling. It was on the 200 mgs of zoloft that I started feeling like something was really wrong with me. I don't know whether to up the dose or not. I don't see the point. I guess I will try it. I feel so defeated.

Dear Confused,

I can really sympathize with how you feel, and although I don’t think I can answer the question of whether you should continue to research and seek support or not, I can share my experience… I am at month 4 of similar “flare” symptoms, probably not as severe headaches and nausea but plus some rashes and transient cognitive difficulties and overarching brain fog a lot of the time. I am now provisionally diagnosed (don’t meet quite enough criteria, but strong enough evidence that I believe it and my rheumy wants to treat and keep watching for the other signs… Feels great to have a doc working with me rather than dismissing!)

What I really resonate with is your family and doctor attributing it all to depression, which you may have had at some point, but is not what you feel happening now. In my previous shorter-term episodes, everyone told me the same thing and had me (fairly) convinced. I went to my GP repeatedly with physical symptoms, to be turned away with “reassurance provided” as my treatment note in my records, the times she told me nothing was wrong and I was highly sensitive to normal body occurrences (Raynaud’s, rashes, random hives or sporadic eczema outbreaks, back pain, abdominal pain, muscle aches, etc.) If it was more abnormal/serious and included a fever and more prominent rash, it was normally called an unspecified viral illness, even though extreme fatigue, muscle aches and joint pain far outweighed any hint of upper respiratory symptoms they would question out of me (I have had chronic rhinitis, along with the raynaud’s, since childhood anyway, and now a chronic sore/scratchy throat and ears as well.) Still, many in my family, friends and doctors who saw me in the midst of these episodes ruled that my level of distress, over symptoms they couldn’t see or viewed as only minor, made it seem psychologically based (or at least blown out of proportion.) It especially didn’t help that mood disorders run in my family, and I was constantly under evaluation for signs of them. For some reason, people have a very hard time imagining someone with “obvious” psychological trouble could have legitimate physical illness also (or perhaps even one that causes psychological/psychiatric symptoms!) And beyond that, I think it makes perfect sense to have extra anxiety about something being really wrong, when you know your body is screaming and everyone around decides it’s not even worth investigating… But that leads into your question of whether your reading here will make it worse. That’s totally up to your own knowledge of yourself and how react to having information, but here are my thoughts on the matter of digging up your own answers.

If you were in fact having a psychological obsession over having health problems that aren’t real, then yes, reading about it most likely feeds the fire and makes it worse. Many people advised me against it for this reason, and that self-diagnosis isn’t helpful (it’s unreliable even for a doctor to self-diagnose.) However, it is not only helpful but extremely important for a patient to self-advocate, and clearly identify how they feel, because otherwise nobody with diagnostic authority (which is not family or friends, of course) will get the chance to see it otherwise. Sometimes it’s hard to think of something that’s always bothered you as a relevant symptom until you see tha pattern in others who share their stories. It’s nice to have the assurance that you’re not just overly imaginative that the things you feel are serious, but rather collections of symptoms that could be lupus or a number of other diseases you might gain power to address if you find out what’s really going on. It’s important not to develop a bias, deciding you think it’s lupus and researching only that and trying to fit all your symptoms to the description to present your case… But it doesn’t seem to me you’re doing that at all, because you are here questioning how you feel, whether it’s like lupus or something else (celiac, etc.), and whether it’s worth continuing to press for answers.

I’ve found it helpful with doctors to present questions and share your symptoms and level of distress, because they are trained to address those things, but less on your thinking process on what it might be (that’s where some get threatened, or think you won’t listen to any of their recommendations anyway, or it’s “all in your head” cause it’s seeming so dependent on information from the Internet, and so on…) I think it’s essential to press for answers, and if your doctors say it’s probably not lupus, I think it’s fair to ask what they think it is instead and how they plan to address it. You are feeling very ill, and they need to help you no matter if it’s lupus or not!

That leads to my final thought, which is that this support community understands how it feels to be sick, sick and misunderstood, and without satisfactory answers! I don’t think any of us mind if you ever end up with official lupus or not, we just want to listen, help you feel validated, share tips we’ve discovered, and help you feel better :slight_smile: For this reason, I find support groups more productive than independent researching on the web about every new symptom… That increased my stress (and took up tons of time), but led me to here where I can get the benefit of seeing how actual patients deal with it, and a place to be nonjudgmentally accepted (even supported!) for my frustrations and worries. I still read health sites and even medical literature on it (this is also my career interest area), but I try to keep it in check so I don’t get consumed. I hope you can find a balance that works for you! And some answers, or at least directions to move forward :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Hi Ann A--Yes. I had extremely low vitamin D levels at the beginning of March. I was put on Vitamin D and then, for the first time in since moving to this awful city, I made sure to get some sun/tanning at the beach. My Vit D levels are normal. I have had every test it seems. I think its one thing then I get sicker.

Brynn-I don't have the energy for a lengthy reply but thank you so much for your long response. You made me feel very understood (not that others here haven't as well) but just particularly understood with the mental health issue. I feel they must have something in my charts that says "patient is a hypochondriac, treat with encouragement" :). After I posted my message about the fibromyalgia diagnosis I called my doctor's office and told them that this was ridiculous and I wanted to speak to my primary doctor and psychiatrist before upping zoloft and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was very upset but I will continue to advocate and tell them I feel like I am dying (in a matter of speaking) before I give up on getting some real answers. I don't think this doctor had any business diagnosing me with fibromyalgia in one visit. It's insane. The symptoms I am describing and feeling are not that consistent with such a diagnosis. Back to lying down. Thank you all because I finally feel supported after all these years. Thank you so much!

I'm so sorry to hear about how ill you are. The symptoms you have sound errily similar to mine when I'm in a flare. When I first got diagnosed I had seen several doctors & though my symptoms were consistent with Lupus my labs were inconclusive. I ended up going to a teaching facility. A Rheumatologist followed me for a yr before I got Lupus Nephritis & my labs were positive. Autoimmune diseases are difficult to diagnose & treat. I'll say a prayer that God will alleviate your discomfort & that you'll get a diagnosis soon.


It makes me so frustrated and sad for you that your family is calling your health problems a bulls*** disease! I am guessing that you have provided them with literature regarding not only Lupus, but auto immune diseases in general and yet they prefer to remain in ignorance. At some point, we just have to stop trying to "prove" that we are sick. It is too stressful to do this for those who choose to disbelieve when our symptoms are right there in front of them.

Self-medicating with alcohol is a totally separate issue and it doesn't cause one to have an auto-immune disease! I am glad that you are no longer doing that though. Good for you!

YES - it IS important to investigate and educate yourself on this disease and any others that your doc is leaning towards! Information is power and it is helpful if you can follow along with what your doctors are saying to you.

Just by being here you will get the support that you need and we will help you to understand things - as you will likely help us to understand things when we need help.

Mainly, I just want to tell you that being chronically ill is serious business and try as hard as you can to just placate those who have no knowledge of this situation. Then you keep on being strong - try to reduce the stress by telling yourself that they have no facts and are doing the only things that they know how to do. By not reacting to them, they could just discontinue being ugly to you and peace may reign. In the meantime, you have US - we KNOW how you feel.

Hugs to you sweetie!


NicMic said:

Hello Confused By Lupus

It is amazing that your Discussion could have been written by myself. Therefore I gained alot from all the responses you had. I completely understand the frustrating situation you are in atm. I get very little support from my family. It has been said that I have a "Bulls--t Disease". My sister accused me of thinking the 'world revolves around me' and my daughter blames me for being sick because for a while after my marriage broke up unexpectively, I self medicated my depression with alcohol and smoking. I first was diagnossed with Auto Immune Disease in 1990 and I did not drink or smoke then and I had a healthy diet at the time.

I very much hope that you (and myself LOL) find the answers soon. I also research on the internet and in books. I think it's important to educate yourself as most Doctors don't have the time or interest to do it for us.

I believe stress caused my Auto Immune Disease to come out of remission and it is very aggressive this time. I have terrible pain that prevents me from working with my horses. That causes me stress Ha Ha!.

Well, take care and yes, take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself.

Nicole (NicMic)

Hi OC Gal--My dad lives in the OC and boy do I wish I was there right now. If I am experiencing a "flare" how long will it last? The weather has suddenly cooled here and it is helping a little bit.

OC GAL said:

I'm so sorry to hear about how ill you are. The symptoms you have sound errily similar to mine when I'm in a flare. When I first got diagnosed I had seen several doctors & though my symptoms were consistent with Lupus my labs were inconclusive. I ended up going to a teaching facility. A Rheumatologist followed me for a yr before I got Lupus Nephritis & my labs were positive. Autoimmune diseases are difficult to diagnose & treat. I'll say a prayer that God will alleviate your discomfort & that you'll get a diagnosis soon.

Hi Ann--Actually, I used to be a sun lover but then started getting these dark patches on my cheeks and forehead when I was in the sun that I attributed to age spots (I will be 38 on the 16th of August). It sort of looks exactly like the butterfly rash but it isn't a red rash--just the same pattern but darker pigmentation. I have avoided the sun for the past several years but decided to brave it again when I was at the scary low vitamin D level. I wore sun screen on my face and a hat but let my body tan. I don't know...this was all recently right around the time I was starting to get this off and on flu type thing.

Ann A. said:

Confused by Lupus,

If you do have lupus then you may be photosensitive and sun/tanning at the beach may not be a good idea. Boy do hate being the one to have to say that. But if you do have lupus you may need to avoid and protect yourself from ultraviolet rays - those that come from sunlight (both direct and diffused -as in shade or coming through window glass), florescent lights (I have to take all of the compact florescent lights out of my house).


Once again take care and the best of luck.

Hi Confused,

Hang in there! It's not easy hearing so many different things from doctors - and feeling awful the entire time through it. I found reading about lupus helpful but confusing too. Helpful because I had lots of similar things and I learnt a lot about lupus and myself from reading about others experiences but confusing because there's so much to take in. Still reading about lupus helps you to know if your doctor is knowledgeable about the disease too. I have been diagnosed with Lupus for about 4 years now - I got the diagnosis because I had more than the 8 symptoms needed for diagnosis. (I went to a teaching hospital and that's what the specialist told her student.) Anyway I also went through months of feeling like a hyperchondriac with so many things playing up and in so much pain, and so many different doctors looking at me with that question mark in their eyes. Luckily my GP had known me before I became ill and knew I wasn't making it all up and was happy to send me to lots of specialists until I was finally diagnosed.

But I went to see a new rheumy recently who decided upon glancing at me - without all my years of blood results or even reading my history - that I didn't have lupus. He sneered at my medication - "Why are you still on 5mg of prediscelone?" and then he asked, "Why does your other doctor think your fatigue is related to lupus?" He asked it in the kind of way that said he didn't believe lupus and fatigue went together - and of course by then I knew he didn't know that much about lupus because chronic fatigue is something many people experience with lupus - but if I didn't know that I would have believed him because he is a doctor. I was surprised at how upset it made me feel - it took me so long to get to a place where I'm managing my illness and to come across a doctor who could have done so much damage under the guise of helping - well it rocked me for a bit.

So I think it's good to research - luckily I can still see my old rheumy but I have to travel roughly 4 hours to see him but at least he's thorough. So I believe it's worth jotting down all your symptoms and if you don't trust your current doctor to try and see another one, some doctors do know more than others.

Well, I am not sure if I already posted this in this thread but I have now been "diagnosed" with fibromyalgia. I don't know. I went to another doctor and he said it after talking with me for about 15 minutes. I didn't follow their instructions of increasing zoloft. Instead, after talking with a friend, I started taking Mucinex. Not sure why, but some with fibromyalgia have luck with it in that it helps their joint pain. I did notice a difference. But all of a sudden tonight, the extreme fatigue I felt right before I had what I describe as a "flare" is back. I am trying not to worry because in the last week I was mobile and able to do things but I do worry I am on the verge of whatever is plaguing me coming back. I have an appt with the Rhumy on Monday. Oh, my t3 and t4 tests came back normal, of course. More leads to nothing. Feeling frustrated.

Hello confusedbylupus,

No you did'nt post you had fibro and Lupus and fibro can be difficult to diagnose being identical in symptoms and regarding Lupus, you don't have to have postive bloods as long as your showing several signs regarding Lupus plus member's who are still waiting reagrding being diagnosed with Lupus...are'nt told that it fluctuates your blood and gives off false readings.

I did read you have excessive thirst...well that's down to dehydration you need to drink more concerning water, i can't stand the stuff but have had no choice lately and drink 1000ml a day...it helps flush your organs out.

Regarding the depression try and fight it as hard as you can because these diseases thrieve off it and make you symptoms feel double what they are...i'm a manic depressive so i know and alot of other member's have noticed if they're down their symptoms feel worse.

I don't know about the drug Mucinex never took it but other's members will and with all the symptoms you have going on and if you think your heading for another flare...try not to stress to much and also pace yourself in what your doing...as over doing anything will make you feel worse and rest when you need it.

All my love Terri xxx

Thanks Tez for the support and advice. Well, it's happening again. The nausea has now hit along with a headache. Hopefully the rest of the last flare isn't next but it is so similar to exactly what happened before--starts out with fatigue, then nausea, then the rest. I feel so frustrated.

Hello confusedbylupus,

Well if you having the same symptoms as before in a flare then it must be and you can only work your own bodsy out and symptoms when they're occuring...i can't tell you how much i've been doing of this but it really does help but if this stretches to 6wks or more then your in a chronic flare as they call them, that's when there's more than one issue occuring and you do need to seek quicker attention either from your GP or Rheumo.

Nausea to the extent it affects you can make you ill on it's own...my thoughts and prayers are with you mate and all the very best in a speedy recovery.

Loads of love to you Terri xxx

confusedbylupus said:

Thanks Tez for the support and advice. Well, it's happening again. The nausea has now hit along with a headache. Hopefully the rest of the last flare isn't next but it is so similar to exactly what happened before--starts out with fatigue, then nausea, then the rest. I feel so frustrated.

Hang in there! I'm new here but I just know there are tons of cheerleaders here supporting you and routing for you.

Blood tests change - might be positive one month and not the next. And WE know our body the best!! Trust your instincts, you know when something isn't right. Having a doctor who will listen to you is a must.

I finally switched docs when mine told me I just needed to eat more fruits & veges and honey. I WAS already doing that and growing worse by the day.

Finally, it's ok to cry. Sometimes it all just builds up. When I was in my 20's I had fibromyalgia for several years and was exactly in your place - no one really believed me. But things have changed and it's more accepted now. The GREAT thing is, I was healed from it - it went into total remission about 14 years ago. I have other stuff to deal with now...but that's another story.

HANG IN THERE! Share your frustrations, cry some,.....or a lot....then, find something to watch or read that will bring some laughter - nothing quite like laughter to lift the spirits.

You can do this. You have the strength you need. I believe in you (and even if I don't know you, I can still believe in you if I want to).... You will make it through this... You can live victoriously!