Which Came First? Lung Cancer or Lupus?

Good Morning...after finding a few discussions, one about hearing loss and another about facial and head numbness, I really started thinking and asking myself after a 2008 NSC Lung Cancer diagnosis, what really came first?

I am Blessed with the Lung Cancer being in remission, but finding myself with exaggerated Auto Immune symptoms over the past few years and just was formally diagnosed with Lupus/MCTD this past December. The Cancer presented with digital ulcers, and intense Raynauds symptoms. My primary did a full blood count and asked me if I was ever diagnosed with Lupus because the Auto Immune was way out of the ball park!

As of 2008, I was not diagnosed with Lupus or Auto Immune issues and the Lung Cancer over shadowed the Lupus and so the fight for life began...Has anyone else experienced a co diagnosis of Cancer and Lupus? This is all very interesting and makes one wonder if the Lupus/MCTD caused the Lung Cancer or the Lung Cancer cause the Lupus/MCTD?

I was diagnosed with Lupus in November 2010 and NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) in January 2011. I can only take Plaquenil for Lupus as none of my dr's want to compromise my immune system due to the prior lung cancer.

yes... not me but a friend of mine, her daughter has both lupus and cancer...i believe bone but not sure. She has been fighting the cancer off and on for over at least 6 years now. It will go in remission or get down to safe levels...but starts up in about a year.

Worse is she gets so exhausted trying to fight off both...and her lupus becomes active also as the cancer does for some wacko reason. She is only in her early 30's, started in her 20's. Now..i am not sure at all if bone cancer...recently had my dog pass with it...and just found out her cancer is active again so might confused those two.

She was originally diagnosed with Lupus...than few years later the cancer. Her sister had Crohns and when it goes active she also ends up in the hospital so poor mom really has had double whammy when both her adult daughters are actively sick. Right now younger one with crohns is doing okay and helping her sister.

I can say this...they are in Bay Area if you happen to be in same area...i could ask their mom if she think her daughter like to talk with someone going through similar issues. I know when she is sick like now...she basically when at home is pretty sick and just resting most of the time.

i sincerely wish you all the best and hope you are soon back in remission. They have with me thought i have had cancer as well...i also have lupus plus MCTD like you...cells are ones that confuse them.. again the best to you

I have had bone problems since I was 28, all with surgeries and radiation. The lupus was diagnosed about. 2002, when I started taking Plaquinel, I seem to have frwer flares and felt a little better. The Dr now has has taken me as she said I would have trouble with health insurance with a label like Lupus. So she is treating each symptom instead. Which is more specialist and more money. There are days I want to give up, and there are days I feel like I’m not going to make it if I wanted to. I’ve had one stroke and three heart attacks, now my lungs are infected badly cause I fell and broke all my ribs. I have Fibromyalgia, extreme arthritis, graves and a few other little things like bad eyes and hearing overnight. I know I won’t live long enough to find a cure, and I’m on major pain killers. God Bless everyone who has this horrible disease. Good luck to you all

Hi Lisa,

Yes...I bet it does make you wonder, when I got ITP in 1983 I had no signs of Lupus after they removed my spleen the Dr. told at that time I would either get Lupus or Leukemia and boy was he right ...at the time I thought well how does he know ...that is so wrong of him to just presume ..well he was not presuming nothing I got SLE thankfully...I know that sounds odd but I don't know if I would still be here if I would of got Leukemia....so I think SOME good Dr.'s know what they are talking about....Now along with SLE , I have Sojgren's, Raynaud's and Epstein Barr ....so we move on ...good luck my friend...

My Aunt developed a rare form of lung cancer when she was 35. They thought she wasn't going to make it. Then, she was subsequently diagnosed with Lupus. She probably had it before but never knew.....