What are you doing next month?

Band Together for Lupus Awareness

May is Lupus Awareness Month! Research shows that most Americans know little or nothing about lupus and its devastating impact on millions of people. You can change that! BAND TOGETHER FOR LUPUS AWARENESS to help the Lupus Foundation of America fight this unpredictable and sometimes fatal disease and show support for those who suffer from it.

Raise Awareness

Start Planning Your Lupus Awareness Month Activities Now!

Check out our Awareness Kit for fliers, Facebook and Twitter images, and other materials to build awareness of lupus within your community and among your family and friends.

Awareness Kit


As part of Lupus Chile, we are preparing a lot of things for May, and for May 10th.

We'll have a Twibbon in our Twitter account (@Lupus_Chile) to make awareness about Lupus and to ask the Government to includes us in a special kind of guaranteed program to give us protection and better treatment in Public and Private Health System (The program is Plan AUGE-GES).

On May 10th we'll have information points around the country, in Santiago and other big cities to make a real awareness. We'll teach people what Lupus is, what means to live with it and explain some symptoms that are a little confused (like Chronic Fatigue).
We have had meeting with some politicians and public figures to see if they join us that day and try to get some press interest.

We wanna make a great job,
So, wish us luck!