Weekly Google Alerts

I get weekly Google Alerts about SLE. This week they have several topics that think some of you may find interesting.

Lupus cases rising - experts

Arthritis and Lupus Linked To Lower Birth Rates

Lupus Research Institute Applauds Formation of Congressional Lupus Caucus
Project Builds Database On Lupus

Why Women With RA or Lupus Have Fewer Children

My Life With Lupus

RA and Lupus Reduce Fertility

West Penn Allegheny Physicians Help Pioneer Innovative Blood Test That ...

Lupus Tweens, Teens & Beyond Symposium hosted by Lupus International

Women With Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus Have Fewer Kids Than Planned

Blogs they have listed now

Road to a Lupus Cure: Lupus Research Report: Dynamics of Lupus ...
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Web Stories

Will global warming worsen lupus situation?

I Have Lupus | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine

Keating puts lupus on D.C. radar | CapeCodOnline.com

Abstract | Endothelial progenitor cells: a new player in lupus?

LUPUS FOUNDATION OF AMERICA - "Royal Pains" Storyline ..

You can right click than say open story in new tab...other wise here is the actual link from entire email which will give you tidbits what each article etc is about.link is at the bottom

NOTE...at bottom..that is scripted story....my brother did actually die from being septic but i been septic as well...caught it immediately and had intravenous antibiotics as well as was very very tired ,for over couplemonths.

I hope you all read story on Finally A Lupus Caucus was passed!! So maybe we can get some direct research just dealing with it vs mixing in a lot of other diseases.

Also...stories about fertility...i still find interesting and hope one day people like me with both RA and SLE can have children easier. Not only being high risk but than we are lectured about having to make the choice of saving our live vs the child's in last trimester. That is nightmare!

OOH there is great story about meeting for teen, tweens etc down in LA

Blood test that might actual prove SLE once and for all! i have not read all of these to just taking some off headlines..but hope you find them as interesting as i do.

Here is the main link that will show all headlines with partial story and site from it which it comes.


awesome! thanks