There May Be Days

There may be days when you get up in the morning
and things aren't the way you had hoped they would be,
that's when you have to tell yourself
that things will get better.

There are times when people disappoint you and let you down,
but those are the times when you must remind yourself
to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your
life focused on believing in yourself
and all that you are capable of.

There will be challenges to face and
changes to make in your life,
and it is up to you to accept them.

Constantly keep yourself headed in the right direction for you.

It may not be easy at times,
but in those times of struggle
you will find a stronger sense of who you are,
Karla Please feel free to call me Linda ( Firelady)

Hi Firelady!

Your posts are always such an inspiration to us all! I hope things are on the upswing for you! I miss all of you and will try to do better at stopping in to say hello on a few discussions!

Hugs to you, hugs to all,



Susan is correct in what she's saying your are true inspirational lady to the site and everything said just is what each day for me is in terms of thinking about those issues.

Plus thank you for offering a strong shoulder for Karla as she needs it right now in her life.

Love Terri xxx