The Raynaud's Group is now 25 members strong!

I never thought I would find anyone else who had Raynaud's or Sjogrens, little did I know that Ben's Friends was here, but one desperate night looking for answers to that and Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, I found this site! I have learned so much that has helped with my struggle, it has improved my health and mental outlook, and the friends I have made are a treasure!

Please join in this group if you even think that you may have Raynaud's.


The same here...all the members share their love and respect besides knowledge and it helps we all in such a way.

Susan i can't join another but is it ok if i add it onto the Raynauds Group besides because this site is excellent on all info going on things crossed it several times.

Love Terri xxx

Thank you, JC!

Great post SK! Here is the group in case anyone is looking for it:

Great group!

Cheere Traci,

It's also great having you as a member and taking part having raynauds yourself.

Love Terri xxx

traci153 said:

Great group!