Staying sick

I began working in a daycare center 3 months ago and I’ve already been out several times because I catch everything that goes around. No matter how cautious I am, any advice on things I can do to boost my immune system? I don’t want to look bad on my job. I love it and want to be there long term. Thanks everyone

Hi Kim Kim,

I was working at a childcare center when I was first diagnosed, I lasted two years. I couldn't understand why I felt great and then a baby would come in sick and all of a sudden I would feel horrible. I know that it's possible to pick up a cold here and there but I was getting sick more and more. While I hate the fact that I was sick it was the reason I found out what was wrong with me. Anyway, to answer your question I worked with a lady that had Discoid Lupus (by the way I have SLE) and she would recommend all types of vitamins to take to boost the immune system. I never really tried them because even though she took them faithfully it never seemed to keep her healthier then me and besides I had enough medicine to take on a daily basis. I guess however it is worth a try to try to increase your vitamin intake. I eventually had to give childcare up but I wish you all the best. That was the best two years of my 22 year work history.

Hello Kim,

Unless other member's can come forward with some good info regarding your immune's a well known fact with Lupus or any autoimmune Disease that they don't protect you they fight your body and your prown to anything going...i know it's your job but be very careful, if it comes to it ware a scarf around your face and i'm not being insulting either but (astrid) the moderator does this to protect herself.

Hugs Terri xxx

Huney if you have Lupus, you DO NOT want to boost your immune system. Thats whats making you feel bad. You want to suppress your immune stystem. This is why u get sick so easy. Boosting your immune system is like giving your Lupus more ammunition to attack you with!!! Working at a day care you will eather have to deal with getting sick or find a different job.