I've been on plaquenil since October and I'm still getting mouth sores on my tongue, roof, inside of lips, and cheeks. Does this mean the plaquenil isn't working? does it mean i'm having a flare (it always happens with a combo of symptoms at once)? I'm still new, please help.

That was one if the allergic symptoms I had to it and my Rheumy took me off it…sores went away

My mouth sores wre HELPED with plaquenil. The only time I get them now is if I have pizza with spicy pizza sauce. Hope you feel better soon.


Miracle Mouth....or some name like that ....i was told my another lupus person that her dentist prescribes it and works with our mouth sores.

Now you can get mouth sores due to allergy to other drugs, walnuts, orange juice (vit c drinks or fruits) ..well a lot of things.

But like others are saying part of SLE is mouth sores...your dentist or rheum (some PCP even) can tell the difference. I had antibiotic drugs cause it..but i always got mouth sores in it...not cold sores..for about all my life.

Lupus ones, hurt and kind of like canker sores ...get a lot of them at once..twenty or more. But we are all different so you will need help if you are new to this. GOOD Luck.

Warm salt water can often clear up normal canker might try rinsing with it every few hours or so. good luck and i know they can be miserable so sorry : (

same for me...low grade fevers and often the sores...but fever with all over ache like flu is my tell tale sign i am active...if i do not rest..just my body keeps upping how sick i am.

jujubeee said:

Hard to tell I'm afraid. A flare is defined as any symptoms that are new to you or more intense or serious than your symptoms usually are. I always have mouth and nose sores so for me, not a flare. For me a flare is a week of low grade fevers (my tell-tale sign) necrotizing lesions in addition to a breakout in hives and rashes in sun exposed areas (I'm very photosensitive), spilling protein in my urine-kidney problems-also a flare. I had a small tia last June and have peripheral and cranial nerve problems and some cns issues (epileptic seizures-myoclonic) and the tia was a definite flare-also bad tn attacks (I have trigeminal neuralgia)-also a flare. I have a malar 24/7 that looks like blush but when I have a flare it glows. Here's a video of a bad one I had:

I hope you feel better. I'd ask my rheumie if I were you if the sores are from the plaquenil or not. Normally the plaquenil HELPS with those issues. HUGS, Julie

Plaquenil takes months to really get into your system. I still get sores still, but they are less severe then before beginning the medicine. I use the oral rinse from Colgate for mouth sores. Good luck.

Hi, and yes this a Flare that you are having. The doctor tells me it is normal for to get the sores in the mouth . I have this alot ,but I just try not to put salt on my foods, it burn really bad . Hope that this go away soon…Beverly l.

I take 1,000 Mg of L-Lysine an Amino Acid you can get in a health food store, takes the sores away. I also get them & they can be painful. I rinse my mouth with warm salt water. I've had a swish & swallow prescription that seemed to help numb them. Lupus symptoms are different for everyone after a while you'll figure out your symptoms. It's part of lupus, sometimes in combination with flares sometimes not

This is a doctor question. I would ask immediately. Sometimes it can be an infection or a symptom of Sjogrens. This leaves the mouth and eyes dry as well as others symptoms. I use a Nystatin rinse that clears mine up quite quickly but I have Sjorgren's. Again, I would ask my doc asap.

Let us know how it works out.

Best of health,


I started on plaquenil in
dEC AND MY MOUTH SORES WERE GONE IN jANUARY. I haven't had them again til april when I had an allergic rea\ction to my 5th antibiotic. As soon as that cleared up they sores were gone.

We're here for you.

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