I am a newbie

ANA positive. Have joint muscle pain. Hoping they are wrong. Seeing a rheumatologist end of January. Have soooo many questions.

Hey Julie. So sorry that you are feeling so rough. I, too pray that the doctors will be wrong about your diagnosis. I’ve been seeing a rheumatologist for about 2 years now and she still doesn’t say 100% lupus. She still calls it autoimmune disease with Lupus traits. Not sure exactly what that still means except that she’s pretty sure I have lupus and treats me medically as so but hasn’t put it on the chart yet. Don’t be surprised if they don’t completely diagnosis you yet. Lupus is really hard to pin down. It’s called the great imitator.
I’m happy to help answer any questions for you that I can. Just know you aren’t alone in this! Prayers for pain free days ahead!

Hi honey, I am so sorry. I was just diagnosed this year. I am 46 yrs. It is a difficult diagnosis, but once you start treatment

you'll start feeling better. I am here. I miss having friends. It seems all I talk about most is lupus. Most people tire of hearing it.

My name is Tracy, I was in the ARMY 1989 - 1991. Then I had four boys in four years. The first were twins. They are now 24... Time flies.

I am fortunate to still be working. It hurts, but it is better than just sitting in the house.

Ask away if you wish!!