Sick all the time

does lupus make you sick all the time .my body muscles are always hurting and my joints does to. when i wake up i get nausas and all throughout the day to . im throwing up daily im so tired . sometimes my hands and feet swell up and turn blue and they hurt . sometimes im so tired that i cant move . is this normal for lupus .my doctor didnt really explain this to me. she said to ask my pcp to explain it after she diagnoised me with lupus

Hi sissy, for me when im in a flare, i get very tired, my muscles and joints aches, the pain is debilitating til i get sick to my stomach and vomit. There are days like a freight train ran me over, or i sleep for 3 days before i wake back up. Although i've been diagnosed 6yrs ago, i still have alot more to learn. Being in this support group i learned alot. I hope this help some.

I am achy a lot but no nausea. My meds help. Your hands and feet problem sound like Reynauds Syndrome. I bought a great books "The Lupus Encyclopedia". It explains everything!

Even though my lupus diagnosis is fairly new I completely know what you mean about always being nauseous. I cannot even remember what it was like to not always have an underlying feeling of nausea ALL THE TIME. You’re definitely not alone. Since first hearing the possibility of lupus I researched everything I could about it. Every medical site, article, news flash. Everything in order to get some type of an idea for what I’m up against. For me the more I researched the less confused I felt. To a point. Just try to look up as much as you can about it. Hope that helps.

You really need to have your rhuemy keep an eye on the nausea and vomiting. I started with it 2 years ago, i was always throwing up bile and upper right quadrant pain . ultrasound of liver showed a non alcoholic fatty liver then last year i had to have my gallbladder out because of stones and sludge (im 100-105 lbs and eat healthy ) and a CT finds a lesion on my pancreas. . Since then i have chronic and acute pancreantitis with definitely causes a lot of nausea and sometimes vomiting. . I absolutely don’t want to scare you because i hate reading posts like that but you just never know what could be going on in there . as for being super sick all the time im there with you! . you might need a stronger immunosuppressives like cellcept or an infusion. . Unfortunately a lot of issues can compond quickly with systemic illness :confused: hope you’re dr figures something out soon xoxo

Dawncelest I just started having upper right quadrant pain a few days ago. The past 3wks has been chest pain and difficulty breathing. It feels like all of my organs are falling apart on me one by one and my whole body just wants to give up. I try to remember to tell my Rheumy about the different issues I’ve had since the last visit but it’s become so many different things now I forget them all.

Natasha & Sissy,

I know what you mean that the list gets too big to remember for your rheumy. What I found helpful is as I am having problems I write them down and bring the list with me to my doc visit. That way nothing is forgotten. As for the nausea and vomiting, I too am nauseated most of the time and vomiting hasn't been as bad lately. I attribute the nausea to either my bad headaches or my constant dizziness. Sometimes I think the meds might even contribute. There could be so many different causes, you should talk with your doc about your issues. If you can not wait until your next appt. (You feel too sick ) call the office and let them know. Your doc should be able to suggest something until you see him. Tons of hugs