Shaking all over

Hi everyone I go in tomorrow to see a R can’t spell that word for the first time to what I have. My body have been shaking alot and chest pain and hair lost and I these hot flashes my doctor put me on prednisone,Plaquenil,Vicodin,Ibuprofren but lately my body has been shaking on the inside like crazy can anyone help me with this please

Hi Andre

I experience the hot flashes, I thought it was from the plaquenil. Do you feel like you're going to throw up kind of shaking or what does it feel like?


I just colud be sitting watching t.v and the hot flashes just come i get hot but know fever.And know I do not feel like i have to throw up

I was going through that and it was the vicodens that was causeing it. and I also found out the the ibuprofrens cause me to be alot more ache than normal...

The shaking could be low blood sugar?

I shake as if I'm really weak. And I understand the insides shaking too. I've had that off and on as well. I've been thinking it was one of my medications because that's about when it started. We both take prednisone and plaquenil. I wonder if there is a connection?

I'm new to this Lupus world myself so will offer no advice other than to take a pal to appointment as a second set of ears or take notes or even ask if you can record on your phone. Prior to appointment, you make notes so everything you want to enquire about is covered.

Best wishes to you. Kaz


I have these symptom too! The hot flash can be a side effect to the pain meds. The steroids can make you feel like your insides are going 100 mph while the outside of your body is moving slow! That too is a side effect!

I am not sure if you have any thyroid issues, because that can cause you to have hot flashes too. When you take a steroid it can cause your thyroid hormones to run a little high and in turn cause you to sweat!

Just talk to your doctor about it. It is important for you to read the the prescription insert for your RX. They list all the side effects for each one. It doesnt mean you will get the side effects, it just means you could! This will help you understand what may happen to your body and why! I am lucky, in that, I have a son that is a doctor in Pharmcy! But I read the drug I inserts to each medication that I put into my body. I want to make sure what the side effects are and if the meds can interact with one another.

Good luck and I wish you well.


This sounds like one lupus symptom I have had for 20+ years. I was tested for epilepsy and had a bunch of electrical testing done, etc. They determined it was not epilepsy and that it was just one of my lupus symptoms. They explained while there are many common symptoms many people experience things uncommon to most patients. I have tons of allergies and reactions to chemicals and they were able to prove that the shaking did worsen when I was around air fresheners, markers, cleaners, etc. Please know as you get use to this being part of your body's response it will settle down a bit. I use to experience this several times a day - sometimes they were very violent and other times slight tremors inward. Now I maybe suffer a couple of times a week and not with the same intensity. With the passing of each week and every month things will settle down somewhat and you just learn to adjust to life with this. I do have the heated up feeling in my body about 15 minutes before these start. Once you settle in to life with lupus you can also jot down foods and activities for the day. You will start to understand your body a bit better and learn how to handle flares and what is a trigger for you. Also know that many doctors won't understand what you are going through and that's ok. You have friends here that do. At 20+ years I am a lupus pro now - hahaha - so just write to all of us here and we can help you with the day to day stuff. Learn to make lupus live with you. You will have bad days that can't be help but life can also be amazing - even with lupus!

did u ever had to deal with your platelets being low if so how did u keep them up my platelets keep droping then when they put me on predinsone they go back up

I have never dealt with problems with platelets. But I was so allergic to things in the early stages of lupus that I would go anaphylactic very easy. I would have to go to the hospital for the steroid shots and then I'd be put on prednisone tapers. In fact early on I had a bad butterfly rash but tests were always negative. The doctors told me the pred was causing the false negatives. Eventually a biopsy came back positive for lupus. That could be why I didn't have to deal with the platelet problem. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes!

Hi Andre,

The shaking the flashes can come from the Lupus or either the meds as a side affect...members have given good advice and put this all over to your rheumo and miss nothing out.

It would be nice please if you could update we all once you've seen your members know your ok.

Thanks Terri

I went yesterday to see my rheumo for the first time but he did not do anything just talk to me and did blood work

Hello Andre,

Thank you for updating we... as we all appreciate it.

I had the same thing with my rheumo the first time besides 4 other under consultants taking notes, i was diagnosed a little but not enough and it's a good job i have a great Dermo who really updated me on issues.

So really your in a waiting game...when do you go back to see he/she again for the results of your bloods and hopefully they can tell you more.


One other thing you may check into is your thyroid function. An endocrinologist is best for this. I was on thyroid medication and had shaking/ tremors in hands and head. The endo. Gave me a 2nd thyroid medication to work with the other med. tremors reduced significantly for me. Good luck in your journey to get answers.

Great answer kK,

As i suffer with my thyroid and you do get tremors but you can also get Tremors/shakes with nerve damage besides....there's so much to lupus it's unbelieveable.

kK said:

One other thing you may check into is your thyroid function. An endocrinologist is best for this. I was on thyroid medication and had shaking/ tremors in hands and head. The endo. Gave me a 2nd thyroid medication to work with the other med. tremors reduced significantly for me. Good luck in your journey to get answers.

Dear Andre,

Hope you got some answers from the Doctor about the shaking, I do that if the pain is unbearable. I also had trouble with Savella doing that to me, and when I stopped the med the problem went away. Steroids can do all sorts of strange things to you, I do not take them well, and avoid even tiny doses of it. Yes, there it is, and this info is from NIH.

Hope you can get this straightened out and get some relief.

Good wishes and prayers are with you!


Thinking of you Andre, hope things are going well for you now!