Running For Lupus Campaign

Hi everyone!!!!

For all of you who doesn't know about me, I can tell you I don't have Lupus, but my sister does, so I'm very involved about this disease....

There is this guy, Mat, who is making a campaign about Lupus Awareness and he is collecting pics from every state in the USA and around the world with "L" sign in the right hand and we'll really appreciate if you can help on this....

All you have to do is to take a pic with a purple clothes and make a "L" sign in public place in the world and send it to make Lupus Aweareness

For more info about this campaign, y
ou can check:

the website page:

the Facebook page:

the Twitter page:!/runningforlupus

Mat has the support of LFA and LupusUK and has 30 states to go to have all USA states, and we have a lot of worldwide pics, so join and help us!

i'll do it

Thanks to you both!

And help us to spread the word!