Rudolph nose?

Anyone else experiencing what I am so endearingly calling my rudolph nose? This is a fairly new thing that I am noticing. I look almost perpetually drunk as my nose is almost always bright red. I have heard/read of the lupus butterfly, but it doesn’t always extend to my checks. Sometimes my checks are also red, but not always. Seems strange to me. Anybody else know anything about this?
Thanks and blessings! MJ

Have to say MJ, that there are days, not too many, but I do notice even some upper bridge swelling of my nose area which extends a bit to my upper cheeks, also some redness esp. w/o any makeup, somedays on my cheeks along w/ small tiny broken red capillaries if u look in a magnified mirror, but you are right, not always with the classic “butterfly description”??. Have absolutley no clue what the heck it is from, I just say “Probably from inflammation, like everything else is, LOL” Rudolph nose is a funny way to bring it up though, I giggled at the name u chose, we gotta laugh, right?! Keep us smiling and there isn’t any better medicine than that! Bet if we asked a doctor about the nose issue, we would be looked at as if we had 10 heads along w/ the red nose, LOL, Kinda like a Rudolph Rexasauraus, haha…Probably just another odd “non textbook” symptom…what else is new, right?..Sure others have had something similar too, can’t wait to see??? Oh well sweetie, TTYS! Rest Up & Stay Strong! Suzie ;0)

Sorry, I do not know much about the nose getting red. My cheeks, neck, and upper chest near the neck stay red all the time. My cheeks I cover up with foundation but my neck and chest just stay red. People are constantly asking me if I have a sunburn. I just tell them that I am sun and floresent light sensitive. Why do doctor offices have floresent lighting? Everytime I am sitting in a room, I have to turn off the light because my neck starts getting really red and hot. Plus I start feeling tired and lifeless. Back to your nose. Have you researched on the Internet? Have you asked your doctor? When you find out something let us know. I will try to research it too.


I have this at times too. It usually goes with the "Butterfly" for me. Generally it starts with my nose which becomes ichy and eventually scaled (great, huh?). I have also been told it can be a side effect of medicating...optiates manly. I believe I have a picture on here over my typical butterfly. It many be hard to see the constrast but my nose is usually the worse, and between my eyebrows.

I have found that putting carmex on my butterfly helps with the itching and actually lessens the redness. Also using an oatmeal mixture can help. My recipe is to take oats and quickly chop them in a blender, then add some olive oil and honey about a teaspoon of each to 1/2 cup of oats. Add 1/4 cup of cold water and mix in a bowl with all. Apply this goop to your butterfly and leave on for about 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water (over the kitchen sink w/ disposal). Pat dry with soft cloth. It should reduce and swelling, itchiness, and redness. It is all natural so you can do it as often as needed.

The one thing I would suggest you not do is apply any type of foundation or concelor as make up seems to irrate sensative skin even more and make symptoms worse. I know it is tempting to just cover up the redness, but do try to avoid this.

I hope this is helpful and works for you. This recipe is also good for any welts, or hives that you may get and can be used anywhere on your body (within reason).

Also try not to scrub oatmeal mixture in....just lay it on. Agian, I am not a doctor but have used this mixture for years.

Be Blessed....



I have red bloches which come and go on my face. I do not wear foundation as I have "sensititve skin" and to be honest I think this is a good thing. The red blotches usually are on my nose or cheeks not so much a butterfly more like a squished red ant! To be fair it does not bother me to much as it comes and goes and no-one ever seems to notice (or they are too polite to say anything). I have noticed over time the fine blood vessels near the surface of the skin are visible and they are broken- I think this is long-term damage. Apart from that I have good skin- wrinkle free and still quite elastic!!! I think when you look at your own face you are more prone to seeing the flaws rather than the actual beauty which I am sure is staring back at you!!!!



Absolutely know what you are talking about. Does yours ever peel almost like being a little sunburned but you haven't been in the sun. I don't have the butterfly effect either, but it is embarrassing because even makeup doesn't cover it and like you I know people think uh huh she's been hitting the sauce again. And you never know when it will show up either.

I am so glad,however sorry for you that someone else has experienced this too so I know I am not totally crazy yet.

Debbie Ratcliffe

HI Rudolph nose I am new to this but yes i do get the red nose and sores in my nose also and in my throat.i think i have every symtom going at least we know we are not crazy i could tell yous some stories that doctors have said to me i think i new what i had before doctors i even asked if i had lupus they said dee

HI I ALSO SOMETIMES GET THE RED NOSE ,and verylittle on my cheeks nice to no i am not the only one who has this i dont bother putting make up on it cause it really does not help and it is sometimes itchy. good luck to you

I had the rudolph nose early on. I was diagnosed (Correctly) in 1981. My first diagnosis was ACNE (after my first child was born) AAAAGGGHHH. What a nightmare. I remember trying to cover it up with makeup (prior to diagnosis). Folks thought I had a “sunburn”.