Rhumatologist's or Quack's

Hello Everyone

The title of my discussion may seem a bit harsh but I have read so many posts regarding rude and ignorant Specialists, and I myself have experienced a poor standard of professional help that I believe it is worth mentioning.

Do these 'professionals' have any idea how much we anticipate our visit with them? We sometimes have to wait months before we can be seen and in the time leading up to that we think about what we're going to say, ask, hear over and over.

The Rhumatologist I saw charged me $260.00 for the first visit, then $110.00 for approximately ten minutes of his time after that. Ten or fifteen minutes is not enough time to get through all the questions I had. Once he had read the blood work and maybe adjusted my medication I was dismissed. When I started to ask questions he said "I have more patients to see".

It's not good enough! Especially when he had just said "you have to get off the prednisone". I replied "Why?", "If it controlling my inflammation so I can function why do I go off it completely". He replied very abruptly "Because it is killing you". End of discussion. No explaination, just take this - and he handed me another script. (Which was Arava, which made me sick)

How do Rhumatologists qualify? I'm cartain they don't teach bedside manner or personality at med school Ha Ha!

What has been your experience? And any advice to make the best of your appointment so you leave feeling your concerns have been validated would be appreciated.

Warm hugs to all


Hello NicMic,

For a start off i'd find another rheumo...the one i was refered to by my Dermo, oh he loved taking the bloods and giving out the results but regarding treating me with medication he did'nt want to know as he kept stating they damage the organs...i told my Dermo about his attitude and he was'nt happy knowing i need help with my SLE.

So the last time i saw my rheumo he was contradicting my past health issues and what i'd had besides diagnosed and i told him, so your undermining MR's who are top surgeon's...well it went on for abit and then he wanted me out and i told him before you see your other 5 patients you've got to answer a few questions i want to know and after that my Dermo took my treatment into his own hands and now he's refering me to another Rheumo and i'm just waiting for the appointment....but that rheumo sent a letter to my GP stating i was talking in medical terms with him which was totally wrong for a patient.

I believe you should stand up to any Rheumo messing you about, weather treatment is paid for or not...we're doing the suffering and from past issues with so called specialists i don't stand for no nonsense now.

Regarding these specialist they qualify in rheumatology and know Lupus is involved but when it comes mainly down to it, they really only want to treat Arthritis etc...that's my experience on what i've gone through so far.

Good thread you've started here