Remedies for Muscle fatigue?

Does anyone have any good remedies for muscle fatigue?

I woke up this morning feeling like I ran a triathlon yesterday, followed by a thousand squats, followed by ten thousand pull ups!! And in all honesty, it was thanksgiving here so I didn’t do much of anything. Just climbing the stairs is exhausting!!

Any suggestions would be welcome. I’ve done NSAIDs, muscle relaxers and heating pads and it’s not letting up at all.

Nope… But I’m the one who drinks tons of milk so am getting 200% of my daily dosage. It’s ok… I get everyone mixed up all the time =)

Ann A. said:

I know I sound like a broke record, please forgive me if you answered me before. Have you had your vitamin D level checked?

That’s ok… It’s great that you can help people because of your experience! I’ve had low iron in the past so I know how horrible lacking a nutrient can make you feel. It’s nice that you care enough to be concerned!! =)0

Ann A. said:

OK - I wont bore you with a really long discussion of what the DV and DRI really mean. If you are sure that you are vitamin D sufficient then, I won’t pester you about it, though that is a difficult thing for me to do


So is the lower level from lack of sunlight? And how effective are dietary supplements?

My doctor had lectured me on the importance of calcium when you have arthritis so I’ve been careful to get enough calcium and vitamin D since my xrays came back with “significant demineralization” several years ago. It’s an interesting topic =)

Ann A. said:

Just before my diagnosis with severe vitamin D deficiency I had a broken leg and had a kidney related surgery. Instead of recovering at the rate I had expected to, I was becoming weaker and weaker as fall turned in to winter. So, I started reading to see if I could understand why. I found the new research literature on vitamin D before my physician diagnosed me with severe vitamin D deficiency. The literature was so fascinating that when I retired I decided to stave off boredom by pursuing a structured course of study in Health and Nutrition Education online. I knew from the start that I would write a thesis that dealt with vitamin D. I have read 1000s of research articles on vitamin D and the disease states with which it is correlated. I found the most interesting correlation to be that between vitamin D levels and lupus and other autoimmune conditions.

A number of people on Life with Lupus have reported their individual experience with being surprised when their vitamin D test revealed that they were insufficient. There is now a large body research finding that people with lupus have lower vitamin D levels than people without lupus. The research is also finding that among people with lupus those with lower levels of vitamin D have more flare ups and more severe lupus.

Spreading the word about this research among people with lupus is now my mission. So, please help me out and pass the info along. I do care. I really do care. Thanks for your understanding.