Prep for a doctor's appointment- tips

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed by a nephrologist. I will be seeing a rheumatologist for the first time next week.

Do you have any tips on how I should prepare? Should I write a short health history or just my current symptoms? I am nervous because the list of my symptoms is very long and the doctors I have had only give you 10 minutes.

Thanks for your help,


I went to see the endocrinology today and it was a disaster…so i say, Yes, write out a history to the best of your ability—i could not remember when i started doing what and he just kept asking me over and over and by the time i left i was completely stressed and unsure. take records too if you can.

I have my first rheumatologist visit next week too. I'm so nervous! What I've been doing is printing out one of those blank monthly calendars and writing out symptoms I've had each day, what I've tried to help alleviate pain, results of it, and any side effects. I feel like a visual of how many days you've got stuff going on can help them realize just how long you've been hurting. I also put a pain scale on mine too. Just taking one of my days for example here: Dull headache (2/10), Fatigue, Joint aches (7/10) Tylenol 500mg-no change/relief. And, my rheumatologist sent me some paperwork to fill out at home and I was able to answer everything on there from my little calendar system. As for medical history, I would just make a little bullet point list of any major illnesses or conditions and the year that they occured and where you were treated. When you go for your appointment they'll probably have you fill that out on their paperwork too, but sometimes having it written all out can keep you from forgetting anything. You may want to make a list of questions for your rheumatologist as well. As for the doctor not giving you enough time, if s/he has good bedside manner, they'll take whatever time is needed to listen to you and answer all of your questions. If you're comfortable, I would even say something to the doctor to kind of forewarn him/her that you have a lot of questions/symptoms to go over/etc.

Good luck at your first rheumatologist visit!

great idea for preparing for a doc!