I was diagnosed this year with Lupus, Raynaulds, osteoarthritis and Elevated liver function.
I'm learning that it really does take a team of doctors to help us but I'm not quite sure how much I should expect from my Rhuemy.
My visits with him have been mainly taking my blood pressure, checking my fingers/arms/legs, etc.
Checking my eyes
then sends me on my way.
He has only prescribed plaquenil (which for some reason I am still having trouble with headaches from it) and I am still in pain and tired all the time.
I'm wondering what other peoples Rheumies do.
Do they put you on other medications for your other symptoms or should a different dr. being doing that?
I'm not sure that I want to do the prednisone thing. Is there any other kind of med out there for pain?
Am I expecting too much from the doctor?

Hey J! Every doctor is different. My former rheumy (who I had from the get-go and LOVED to death), would enter the room, we would converse about how I was doing, both mentally and physically, what I do throughout the days including work, physical activities. He would then do a physical examination sounding like what you go through...checking my eyes, mouth, ears, joints and strength. Then he would do blood & urine tests. My new rheumy, who I've only had 1 appointment with thus far, seems to be more talkative and taught me what my blood work means and potential options going forward regarding meds and such. She conversed about how I've been, what I've been up to, and did blood work. She didn't do an actual physical exam on me. So I really think every rheumy is different. If you don't feel comfortable, I would definitely look into or at least meet with other rheumys. You really have to look at it as that being the person with your life in your hands and that you want to be with you for the long haul. I've been on prednisone, but I'm sure there has to be other things out there for pain, I just am not sure what yet. My rheumy prescribes a majority of my meds and my hematologist does my blood-related meds. My general doctor does nothing med-related...hope this helps somewhat!!

It sounds as though your doctors are keeping up with your labwork, etc. which one of my concerns with this doctor. He took them a year ago, said things were better (even tho some of the things weren't) and hasn't done them since. I feel he thinks that if the ESR goes down then you're ok but I don't feel Ok.
Guess its time to shop around
Good luck to you too