Prednisone face

Don't suppose there's anything I can do about the whole moon face thing until I finally start to wean off it? I'm at 30 mg right now and I don't usually get it too badly on that but the dose is split AM + PM and the side effects are so much more prominent that way. It's silly but I just don't see my face anymore in the mirror.

It stays that way, unless you stop the drug. I am more bothered by my hairy face (I don’t think it’s all that noticable, actually , and I am blonde.) i also have chronically swollen salivay glands from sjogrens. My lupus went permanently active when I got the mumps in '86. As a grown up. I will never know whether I really had the mumps, since I still look like I do. I actually find that kind of hilarious. When I went bsck for a rechrck, that doctor hadnever seen the mumps, but he told me it had been too long to still be the mumps.

Yes u have to deal with the moon face until u go off. I’m sorry, that was the worst side effect for me, but u will notice your face again when u go off so hang in there!

Years ago I was on a lot of prednisone and gained weight and got the moon face. Had been through this a few times due to lupus and low platelets. When I got to a fairly low dose, perhaps 15 mgs I went on a diet that I made up. Funny, I’m kinda doing that now due to other meds causing similar issues. Everyone said it was impossible to lose weight on prednisone, but I did. The moon face improved very slightly. However, I wasn’t working and hadn’t had kids yet. It was bordering on a job. I ate all natural and rarely ate anything packaged. If I did, it was a very small portion and low salt. Mostly I ate fresh greens and a little fruit. I ate no bread, pasta, sugar, dairy, junk etc. I only ate meat or fish every other day. On the alternate days, I only ate veggies and a little fruit. For dessert, I would have a sweet potato or fresh coconut. I drank a lot of water and only drank water between meals. I walked in the neighborhood a couple of days a week, when I felt up to it. I would only drink a few sips of water with my meals and then wait at least an hour afterwards and drink lots of water. I didn’t drink water too close to a meal before or after. The idea was digestion would be better this way. I avoided salt, sugar, dairy, junk, grains, packaged foods and reduced animal products. I drank a lot of water in between meals and used a timer to remind me. It took a LOT of planning, time and self discipline. Worked a little for the moon face and actually lost weight while on prednisone.

Good for you, losing weight on prednisone is crazy hard! Oddly enough weight loss is my anti issue right now its part of what’s worrying the docs I lost 60 pounds out of nowhere without trying and on a high dose of prednisone too, 40 pounds happened in span of 3 weeks never happened before the only part of me that doesnt look emaciated is my mooned out face haha

I can’t find the edit button, but re my diet that helped me lose weight while on prednisone and slightly reduce puffiness in the face, I also counted calories. I think I was eating 1,000 calories a day (don’t recall). I did eat meat (chicken, fish, eggs and occasionally beef and pork), but only a small portion at dinner, every other day. On the veggie day, I iften had a small portion of beans with my veggies as I was trying to find a protein source. Once in awhile, I would have some nuts and once in awhile I had about 1/2 cup of brown rice. It was super simple and my digestion was never so perfect. I can’t understand why I can’t find this motivation again, but I’m almost there.

Jackie…I just saw your second post. I came back to apologize. First of all, I recall how very upsetting that $&@# moon face can be and I hope you can greatly lower your prednisone very soon and even get off of it ASAP. As far as you losing weight, that seems very strange to me and if it keeps up, maybe you should get a physical ??? So unusual and somewhat concerning. Wishing you well.

My moon face went away quickly. The weight gain is another story.

I'm supposed to be followed by GI clinic at the hospital but you know how it can be they say they'll call and then you can't reach them. I've heard that weight loss could be associated with flareups and I've been really unwell since August. I can't wait to lower my dose I don't think I'll be able to get off it but I find the moon face is a lot better for me lower dose and when the dose isn't split into 2x a day but I have this recurring pericarditis that just won't go away even at this high a dose but I'm in a weird middle zone was seen at a specialized lupus clinic finally but there was a communication breakdown so they didn't have my transferred file so it was an empty folder so just tests and wait til march -.-

Hello, hang in there and don’t stress , I will keep you in my prayers. Beverly L. …

Jackie, the weight loss must be scary. Your face will be fine. I’ve known about moon face my whole life because my very thin mom used to get it whenever she got shoulder bursitis. I hope they find the problem really soon. Hang in there.