Pericarditis pain after eating?

I have chronic pericarditis. I’ve had increased chest pain going into back and neck and nausea after eating for a long time. Dr did endoscopy and ruled out reflux etc but tried me on Prilosec for a few months anyway which didn’t help. I also have no gallbladder. Even had ERCP to open up stenosis.Gastro dr is convinced pain is not gastrointestinal. My rheum thinks it is still serositis and pericarditis. I have read online that pericarditis pain can be worse after eating.
Anyone else experience worse symptoms after eating with pericarditis?

Thanks Ann. At first every dr I saw about it basically thought I was crazy because they couldn’t explain. Even my rheum. Finally after hospital last year when everything went crazy did he tell me he thought the stomach issues were related to serositis and pericarditis.(Same nerve bundles that innervate stomach also innervate heart). I have to eat very small meals. Depending on the symptoms I go through periods where I eat only smoothies from my nutribullet. (What an amazing appliance!) A few years ago I did a study that said I had gastroparesis. But the gastros this past year say the pain isn’t the gastroparesis but the serositis,lupus etc.
Do you have nausea as well? I wake up at night with the chest pain and severe nausea. Any ideas on dealing with it? Thanks so much. Appreciate all your helpful comments.

I have pericarditis much of the time but it is worse when I lay down.I have had every heart test there is but there is nothing wrong with my heart.Thats a good thing to know but it doesnt help my chest pain

Thanks. I am actually having a nuclear stress test Monday to make sure mine is “only” pericarditis.

Good news: no heart blockages. Bad news: I still have pericarditis.