So I am at the ER, been here 8 hours. I woke up at 2:30 this morning with pressure on my chest. I have been dx with pericarditis, I been placed on steroids. I hate them but I guess I have to. Anyone have this before?

yes and the steroids usually work for me–sorry you are ill…are you home now?

Thanks Janice yes I am home now, Ive already taken my first dose of the taper. Did you take nsaids as well?

Thanks Ann, how quickly does the predisone work? I couldnt sleep worth a darn last night and probably not tonight. I have some xanax just in case. I didnt think about sleeping in a recliner how does that help?

I will be thinking good thoughts for you and hoping that the drugs will work quickley. This pressure you felt- what did it feel like? I have a lot of pressure on my chest but i think it is the costocondritis.

Thank you, Ann. I too have always preferred ice for my inflammation, contrary to the advice of every physical therapist I’ve ever seen, including my present one, so I’ve refrained from using it, but find only temporary relief from heat. Guess I better get on over to Walgreens for the serious ice packs that my PA recommended I toss because I kept resorting to them so much. I wonder why they all so vehemenently pooh-pooh it. Do you know of any long-term adverse effects of using ice on inflammation? Or are there just different schools of thought on the subject and I’ve simply had the bad luck of seeing ones with similar training?

Meg, I thought it was my costocondriris but this pressure wouldnt let up. My costocondritis only causes pain never pressure. The pain also radiated to my back.

Ann, I love ice! I too have mant ice packs. Last night I fell asleep with one on my chest and one in my back. Isnt ice good for inflamation? I probably over do it by leaving it on too long.

This predisone makes me feel like superwoman!!! I feel almost as good as I used to be. However sleeping is an issue, Im sweating like a pig, and have had some muscle pain. Is that normal?? In on 60mgs of prednisone (10day taper).