Blood work, again

Going to get more blood work done tomorrow. It’s weird but I’m nervous. Even though I know it’ll be a few days before any results come back. I’m just hoping for some answers! anything! I just want an explanation! But I have a feeling that I’m not gonna be getting any answers anytime soon. But I’m still hoping with everything I have, that I’ll get an answer!

Lupus is also called the INVISABLE disorder. Its called that because even if your blood tests dont come back high, positive, or all screwed up, you can still have Lupus. If all your blood work comes back high and positive doesnt mean you have Lupus. If any doctor ever tells you he/she is 100% sure you have Lupus or dont have Lupus, find a new doctor. There is no way of getting a 100% of having or not having Lupus

Hi Tiffany,

All i can do is wish you the very best of luck and like "sunshine" mentioned if bloods come back normal that does'nt mean to say you have'nt got it.

Please update we as soon as you know. ((Hugs & Kisses)) Terri xxx

i will be praying is hard to say what to hope for...we want answers bc it is uncomfortable to live with the unknown...did i say uncomfortable? i meant excruciating.

(tiffany) in my prayers

Thank you everyone! My blood work came back normal again! The relieving part is I am negative for cancer!!!


I'm pleased about the cancer bit as nobody wants that and although your bloods have come back negative again, this new rheumo may still treat you, when you explain what your suffering. xxx

Is it your ANA that keeps coming back negative? or the whole lupus panel? Im in the same boat as you..i wouldnt say im suffering but i have mild joint pain that is annoying..went to my rheumy and he did about 40 dif lupus and other autoimmune test and said i could go ahead and rule lupus out but why am i still having these symptoms...its so aggrevating..i would give anything for a FOR SURE answer instead of guessing...Keep having faith and pray..God ALWAYS makes a way :))