Not sure about my Primary Doctor

OKay so I was playing bingo Sunday night when my back started hurtting while I was sitting down. I have Degenerative Disk Disease and arthritis in my back. I have had 2 Rhizotomys done on my back the last one being done 2 years ago. And this pain in my back feels the same way as it did before only worse. Can't sit or walk very long. So I made an appointment to see my primary. They had me pee in a cup, and a nursing student touched my back in a few places. My primary gave me a shot of Tordal and another script for muscle relaxers (which by the way are not doing anything) and sent me on my merry way. Told me to come back if I needed to. So Im thinking to myself why didn't she order any xrays or anything. If the problem is with my L4 like it was last time then the muscle relaxers wont help and I believe thats why they are not helping with the pain. I had to turn to the streets, well someone I know, and pay $10 for 1 pain pill. Which is absolutely ridiculous and I hate doing. I feel like my primary just ignores the fact that I am in pain. UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

It is CRAZY to use street drugs. If you have degenerative disc disease there is no need to have xrays. But you could call your doctor and let him know you continue to have pain- there are other drugs besides muscle relaxers and also things like physical therapy, hot tub soaks etc to help out. DDD is a chronic disorder so also wonder if you are following a preventative plan like core strengthening exercises, moderate exercise, weight management etc. But if you have a history of street drugs the doc is right to not just jump in and order you narcotics.

Def stay away from the street drugs. If your Dr finds them in your system, he may not give you ANY meds in the future.

Best to talk to him and explain that your still in pain.

I agree with others it was not wise....but mainly because for your safety. People often sell drugs intended for animal use only and might even be specific kind of animal due to how their body metabolizes the drug. Your body not be able to as well and you might not wake up...or just a deadly combination with one of your other drugs.

I hear you were in enough pain to take this risk...being in bad pain does effect our thinking...but problem is now you cannot really go back to your doctor without risking mixing this unknown drug with now a narcotic....just is not safe.

If you have another of the same pill and can find it might be able to discover how long it last in your system. Wait until a day past what it says and go see your doctor and say how you been in severe pain all this time.

Meanwhile, i try epsom salts baths, plus TEN's online or at local drug stores...heating blankets or pads. Plus some people like heating stick on pads, or creams. you just have to experiment with otc items. I not take any NSAIDs since you are not sure what you take...unless you find out online for shot was one...mixing nsaids can be harmful cause stomach bleeding etc.

I really feel bad that you were in so much pain and your doctor did not listen....but going to streets just is not safe. Plus like others said, you can make where you never get prescribed pain medication if your doctor should find out ...could even turn you in by all his legal rights. So just not worth it...mainly for your life in my eyes.

I appreciate that you were honest enough to admit it because i am positive it happens a lot more than is said on these forums. Mainly because people know it will be judged and frown upon....but in truth...your doctor did not listen to you...he pushed you in away to do something dangerous by not listening.

We all read often about doctors not listening to our imagine how many are actually trying to buy from the streets or online? I say a lot by all the stats out there! She was just honest about it...and open the door for others i hope to admit it as well...we need to push for something to be done about safe ways to get pain medication.

I sincerely hope you are feeling better...oh drink if you do epsom salt baths..drink water in bath or you can get very dehydrated. I am so sorry that you got pushed too far by your pain.

Hi survivor4ever,

My name is Annie and I am new here. I have had SLE with lung complications for 25 years and fibromyalgia and my PCP is MOST RELUCTANT to prescribe narcotics. I signed a pain contract with her not to ask for early refills, higher doses, or more than the amount of pills she gives me for one month. I feel trapped like an addict. She did send me to a Pain Management Specialist who did absolutely nothing, no prescriptions, no shots (I have nothing that needed injecting) and told me to reduce my stress and come back and see her. I paid a $40 copay for that! I was furious.

I went back to see my PCP, who was about to leave for maternity leave and is just back THIS WEEK from September and the covering doctor CHANGED my pain contract that I had between my PCP and myself. I did not have a leg to stand on, I had to adhere to her changes. I was a mess and I too turned to a friend for stronger medication when I ran out of Vicodin. I have an appointment for a physical next Friday, Feb 28 with my PCP and if she does not walk into the room and the covering doctor does, I am walking out and finding someone else.

I find that if they don't see SLE or fibromyalgia or degenerative disc disease very often they have no idea how bad the pain is and will continue to drag their feet to treat you appropriately. My suggestion is to go to the local hospital that has a Pain Clinic and see the pain doctor there. They understand pain medicine better and know what the appropriate medication would be for you. I know it is more doctors, more time, more exhaustion but we are the only ones who can fight for ourselves. No one else has any idea that we look so healthy on the outside but are so broken on the inside.

God Bless and good luck!


I guess I’m blessed my pop is very understandabout pain maybe because he knows II’m concerned about addiction (I’m a substance abuse counselor) he and I understand someone who is getting high as opposed to someone in severe pain. I think u should seek medical attention somE where else because he is evidently behind in the recent changes in attitude toward pain. He doesn’t understand that unmanaged pain decreases and impacts the quality of life. You may have signed a contract but you don’t have to put up with her disregard for your pain. I’m gonna say it again get another doctor

Time to find a new doctor who understands your kind of pain!


Lori is right about a new doctor. Start checking websites for the doctors as to how other patients rate them. Same goes for the pain management doctor. Find out who is the best and go from there. You need to research and with computers we are at such an advantage from long ago when we did whatever our primary said we should do. I research everything for myself now. Good luck!

Have you had a myelogram? I have DDD. Mine is in my cervical area. My rheumy sent me a a pain management doctor.i had a cervical epidural injection on Monday. I have been pain free every since (one week now). I have not taken any pain meds or prednisone. This is first time in I don’t know how many years. I tried physical therapy and used my tens unit with heat. BTW - your insurance company should pay for the tens unit.