Newly DX

I started my journey 12 years ago when I was dx with hypothyroidism. I never seemed to feel better. Two miscarriages later, and in 2013 delivered a healthy baby boy. Unfortunately I started feeling worse thought and told it was hormones from being a new mom. We later wanted another. When baby boy was about 14 months when found out I was full blown menopause, have osteopenia, and hashimotos. A year later I still wasn’t feeling better. The fatigue was insane. The doctor said it came with the territory. A friend said I might have Lupus and should look into it. I switched to an internist in November of 2015, they found low vitamin D and b12. Temporary fixes. May they started looking for addisons and celiac… I had good results on those. But by August I was in so much pain. Feet hurt to get out of bed, hard to move fingers, hip, knees and elbows keeping up at night. I have a 3.5 year old son who is dx woth adhd impulse, light of my world but needs lots of guidance, and a husband with chronic back pain. It has been very hard. A couple of weeks ago the internist ran a ANA, a c reactive, a sed rate, RNP blood work all positive. I went to a rheumatologist on Friday the 26th of August. She said Lupus right away. Apparently I even have the butterfly rash, and the sores in the mouth etc. Now they are doing an overwhelming amount of blood work that I get back on September the 8th. But she was confident enough to start me on meds. I CAN already move my fingers alot better after 4 days. I am feeling a little overwhelmed but blessed to have an answer.

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