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Well,I finally got in with my physician today & I wasn’t expecting to hear the word " Methotroxate" chemotherapy!! I’m just in total disbelief & can’t process this. My temp was 100.1, no 190/120, glucose level 256 white blood cell count through the roof, sedrate off the chart & I’m just scared to death. Been a wreck ever since. Has anyone else been through chemo?

I meant my bp was 190/120

I have heard several on here talk about methotrexate I have no experience with it I just wanted you to no I will be thinking of you.

Thanks purplebutterfly!!

I have not been on it but my neighbor has (she has psoriatic arthritis.) she had very few side effects- only some nausea at the beginning which went away. My uncle takes it for his Crohn’s disease and he says he had no side effects. Everyone is different though. I hope that it helps you.

Hi trashetta,

Try not to worry my dermo swears by methotrexate and my psychiatric doctor....i'm seeing my rheumo on the 30th of august and hopefully he'll put me on it, there's no meds to help me but i've told him i'll put my signature to anything to help me.

I'm taking plaquenil been on it a while now and that's a chemo drug, then i went on Dapsone which is a chemo drug which was first used on leprosy but my body and organs rejected it but apparently methotrexate is a good med.

Chemo medications are the only meds which help Lupus patients but no one as to take meds if they don't want to....there's always painkillers instead.

Terri :)

I'm on methotrexate, for about 6 months now. I didn't realize how much of a difference it made until I couldn't get the prescription refilled again for 2 months until I saw the rhemy again. I does make you sick, but that subsides and does not last long, it makes a world of difference. He gave me a calcium pill to take the following day after the methotrexate dose to help with side effects.


Stella,thank you so much!! I’m not gone lie,I was scared to death if the thought of taking it. Did you have hair loss?


Members don't have to have chemo drugs to have hairloss as the autoimmune diseases can cause this for we :)

@ Tez,yes I know cause I’ve already experienced hair loss already. I’m just concerned cause my hair recently grew back enough to wear my own hair. I just hate the possibility of potentially wearing wigs again.

Hello trashetta,

There's a possibility it may happen but chemo drug or not meds affects we all in different ways.

I now how you feel after your hair growing back, mine was long all down my back when mine started coming out, so i add muy head skinned it was a good job with bald patches and i growed it back twice shoulder length and it kept happening i keep it just in the skin head but i have the facial features to carry it so i'm lucky. :)

trashetta singleton said:

@ Tez,yes I know cause I've already experienced hair loss already. I'm just concerned cause my hair recently grew back enough to wear my own hair. I just hate the possibility of potentially wearing wigs again.

Yes mild hair loss, but I have always had hair loss as a symptom of my flares. I was scared to death as well but I am so glad that I decided to try methotrexate, it's made a huge difference. Just get through the first few months of yucky side effects. I know we all react differently to medication so this is my experience. Good Luck to you!!!


Well come the end of August as i've stated i was hoping for the methotrexate and my rheumo did'nt want it but would see how i go with the painkillers.

Well with the discussion being added it made me look the drug up more and i can't have it.

1. As i have Anemia

2. I have seizures & there's a possibility they can be caused

3. counter react with my meds.

4. Blood disorder...i have Antiposhopilid syndrome

5. COPD Lung disease

The list goes on with health conditions and counter that's another med out the window and i can understand why the rheumo did'nt want me on it besides my organ involvement :(