New symptoms...spine and back pain

Lately my spine has been killing me to the point where even getting out of bed is excruciating. It spread to my whole back and neck. Not only is my spine throbbing in pain but it hurts to even touch it. Is this normal for Lupus or is it something I should get checked out? Does anyone else have this symptom?

Is it like sciatica but all the way up your body? Could be that you have a lot of inflammation right now and it is putting pressure on your disks. Do you take medication for lupus and pain? Maybe you should have it checked out as it sounds very painful! Let us know what happens.

Thank you Geneva21 I have a check up coming next month so I will definitely post an update. Yea I am thinking I may be flaring up because now I am getting the butterfly rash and I’ve never had that before

I stopped taking plaquenil months ago because the medication is to hard on me…I am fighting lupus cold turkey