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Welcome! I have Lupus, Sjorn.Syn., Chronic Anemia, Narcep., & Insomonia. I can identify with your feelings…they are understandable.
I start my day with prayers, mediation, journal, etc about GRATITUDE. I am so lucky that I can work part-time, still drive, have a couple of friends, family, 4 senses, & faith in God.
When I am having a bad day… I think, “This To Shall Pass”. HOLD FAST!
Remember to wear perfume and earrings each day!
Peace and All Good,

Welcome, Helena. We’re glad to have you with us. You have a wonderful attitude. We all can surely find gratitude in our lives despite our illness.

Welcome and great to hear someone with hope. It has to be there for us or what do we have? I'm new too.