New Girlwith lupus

I never got the chance to post an introduction when in first joined so here it is. My name is Molly and I was diagnosed with lupus in 2014. I still have no idea what all it does or what it is I just know that it makes my life really difficult. I can't wait to make friends that understand what I'm going through. If you want to know more then inbox me.

Nice to "meet" you, Molly! And thanks for introducing yourself! Lupus is such a complex disease and it's a lot to grasp. But there's a lot of books and even information on the web about it now. Only thing with internet though is to make sure you're using a credible site, as many people are pretty ignorant to Lupus. I remember one news article spoke about being "cured", which there has yet to have been a cure. Also, feel free to start a discussion if you have any questions or just need to vent about anything!! There are many people here who have had years of experiences with Lupus and can relate to some things that you're going through.