Needs Urgent Advice

I was diagnosed in March of 2010 and the Internist I was seeing has left the island. He said that I had a mild case but I have not been to a doctor since to cehck up on it. I have been reading up on it which is causing me great anxiety and i really rather words of encouragement than words of dispair. I am confused and I think struggling with this and Anxiety is a downer because I dont know if my symptoms are part anxiety or the sickness itself. My anxiety started in March of 2009 when my younger sister was murdered on this tiny island as she went missing for days before my brothers and sister found her in the bushes of this island. She was chopped 15 times and it has haunted me everyday and I thought things couldnt get worse until i received this diagnoses. I need a support group that is going to be of positive support to me and will help me with my anxiety also. What I really wanted to find out is which doctor I should see for this as on this island when I called the hospital they were kind of clueless of which doctor I had to see. I dont want people to treat me like I have aids or something like that. If anyone wants to add me on BBM my PIN is 234BB01F.

Thanks for listening!

first let me say how very very sorry i am for your loss. i am so sorry. and next i want to welcome you with open arms to this community where you will finds lots and lots of positive support and comfort when you need it as well as an opportunity to gather very helpful information.

i can't give medical advice but i can share how important my counselor has neen in my recovery from trauma. Lupus or no lupus we still suffer the effects of trauma and need help to get it to a manageble state. also, stress does make lupus worse, no doubt about that.

i don't know about finding a doc...but keep looking, maybe someone here can help

((("may you find some comfort here."))))

Definatley a Rheumatologist, they are the specialists needed for Autoimmune, and NO don't ever put urself in the category of AIDS, that is amother ball game and I know the Autoimmune part is scary...but you will not be treated as if u have AIDS, so do not think twice about that, OK....I am so truly sorry for the terrible loss u have endured, that is absolutley heartbreaking & my heart goes out to you...You are a Strong Girl, u seem to have a very good head on your shoulders, and u will be OK. Sweetie, listen anxiety, depression, it all comes with trauma, and not only what happened to ur sister was extreme trauma, being diagnosed with something that is so hard to figure out & understand is also trauma, especially since u can't find help....and are suffering so much..Unfortunatley you are probably limited living on an island too. Plus Lupus does not fare well when u are stressed. So as hard as it seems & I do know easier said then done, please try to keep ur stress levels down. As much as possible...Stay Strong & try to stay positive, we are here for u, but u need a Rheumatologist first and foremost!

{{HUGS}} Suzie :0)

Thanks to you all for your advice as I am feeling better already! I look forward to getting to know all of you better! Thanks again!

How are you doing?