Need hlp ! any

Ok well i have been havin mote flar ups then useal been in bed for a week now . And i cant even make it to my doc apt so if anyone can delp and let me know how to go about gettin help I would love it i am lost and dont know what to do e i can turn to u all

hey, what is going on you have an emergency contact?

Go to ER? Avoid inflammatory foods during flare (red meat, alfalfa, soft cheeses)…try to work on stress reduction. ER (or call dr) may prescribe rx for flare… hang in… it will pass… hopefully soon. Gluten free diet may help when u r able to try.

John, I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. What are your symptoms? If you have to rest to feel better it is O.K. I say to myself when I am feeling bad, "This too shall pass."

U really need to go to the ER ASAP make ur self go

Aw, this is awful! Have you gotten this taken care of yet?

Sorry that you are feeling so bad, but I have been feeling bad as well this week, I keep getting these heart palpatations even when I am just resting in bed, or in the middle of the night, along with shortness of breath. I will pray for God to give you enough strength, at least to go see your doctor. Please don't hesitate. Many blessings and hugs xoxoxox

Hi there , hope that your FLARE ends soon. I know how you are feeling - being in the bed is no fun at all !!! smile But that's what happens to us ," Living with LUPUS " . Just Relaxe and stay Stress free, and hopefully this will end soon . Going to the doctor is the right thing to do but if you can't make it make sure that you reschedule your appointments, okay ....wish you well , talk with you later .... Beverly L.

how are you feeling now?

Call your doctor and ask them what you should do NOW! If you do not have a doctor of your own start calling the large hospitals and ask to speak to advice nurses....have this kind of info ready....your temperature if you been vomiting or having diarrhea how many days has it been going on. If you hurt any where specifically. Any specific symptoms that are not normal to you or even if they are normal to your flare still say them.

Try to get Gatorade or pedatric water drink for when kids are sick down you...they have electrolytes in them that can help you hydrate and keep your more stable. Remember when sick DRINK ..

i am so sorry you are alone and not feeling well. I been there and get how frightening it is plus how hard it is to just take care of yourself.

Please call hospital...your doctor ADvice nurse.....if you feel you do not have energy for that is time to just reach out and ask your neighbor ....friend to do this for you while they come sit next to you so they can take you if needed to hospital. I know it is so hard to ask neighbors for help but sometimes we just must...i have had too also but really it will be okay...but you must first take care of your health.

Please let us know how you are!! loree

I don't even plan to do things anymore. I can do them if I don't stress too much by too much planning. Right now we have to move from our house-bank foreclosure, and that is way too stressful. So, I know what you all mean.

Rachel Simpkins said:

Your not alone, thats for sure...I cant count how many things ive missed out on due to this disease. I even

packed my camper for 5 days to fall sick for 10 days , to unload and not be able to go :( what a mess!

I will keep you in my Prayers as thats all I know how to do these days is Pray...HUGS

Hi John,im so sorry you are feeling bad,I have not had the chance to get to know anyone here yet,because i to have been so sick,do you have a friend to help you?? or a family member??It is hard sometimes when people dont know how it feels to have SLE..IT took along time for my family to understand what was going on with my body.for along time i was in denial,so my family was in denial as well..I didnt listen to the warning signs,I thought i was super women,I refused to listen to the warning signs.i knew the stress alone was overwhelming my body.I have had this intermittent pain in my chest that will not go away,I had heart surgery when i was 40,Im 49 in april and im back to the heart DR once again,having all kinds of tests..I have cryed all week.Im here for you to talk to .I feel YOUR PAIN.. So lets fight this fight together,!!!!Sometimes it can be one of the loneliest,most frightening times of your life .Sometimes we need to know how valued we are before we can become our own best advocates..I had a electrocardiogram on thursday to see how well my heart is working,I try to rest but i lay in bed and listen to my heart beat way to fast,it freaks me out ,they put me on a beta blocker to reduce my heart work load,BUT as i sit here ,I dont feel like its working.. give your self permisson to recover john...Its hard to do,the mind is a powerful thing,It can break you if you let it.. if you feel like your lupus flair is serious,you need to will your mind to go to the doctor "PLEASE". I know that sometimes its alot to deal with,but you can do it john..WE ALL CAN DO IT,with each others support...please take care and let me know how you are doing,I will pray for you!!!!!!! celeste

I want to “second” what Celeste has just said!

Hi john,Im checking on you today,I hope your feeling a little better,Are you going to see your Dr this week???I hope so,Im married to a LT-fighter-emt,and it helps alot,Because he can track my blood pressure,pluse rate ect,,he says it sucks to go to the emergency room,because they usually run all theese tests give you meds"maybe" and tell you to contact your primary doctor and send you home,they dont know what to do with people that have lupus,so most of the time you waste your money and go home still feeling the ER is really not the place to go..Do you have a DR that you trust??do you feel like your being heard???IF you dont ,,you need to keep looking!!!!! tomarrow will be a better day,I try to tell myself that everyday..please let us know how you are feeling this week.. take care of your self john. DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF....oxox celeste

Hi Rachel, prayer is GOOD to DO !!!that's the my grandmother gives on EVERYTHING -"just pray", smile talk with you later ... Beverly L.

Rachel Simpkins said:

Your not alone, thats for sure...I cant count how many things ive missed out on due to this disease. I even

packed my camper for 5 days to fall sick for 10 days , to unload and not be able to go :( what a mess!

I will keep you in my Prayers as thats all I know how to do these days is Pray...HUGS