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I will be getting married next month and moving to ga by the end of summer. I know I’ve read on here about some of the members moving to another state. How do I go about this? I just started getting comfortable with my docs here in ny. Do I find a doc before I move or after? Will it be a quick switch over or do I have to get diagnosed all over again. And the whole insurance thing. I’m on Medicaid now and won’t be able to switch to my hubbys insurance until next year. Will I qualify for Medicaid due to my illness or will they have to go by his income? Sorry for so many questions. I just don’t want to move and be screwed. Any advice will help greatly.

An hour away from atl. Carrollton area.

Ann A. said:

Where in Ga? Will you be near Atlanta or Athens?

Congratulations Girl! So happy for you! Another source of info about doctors is . You can go by city or state or specialty, then read what patients have said about each Dr. When I moved from State to State, they didn't have the Internet so I just had to look through the phone book and ask some neighbors/family what they have heard about various doctors, who is good, who is kind, etc. You need to go to your Dr. and get copies of all your medical records so you can take them to your new Dr. Another option is for the new Dr. to request the old Dr. to send your records to him/her. If your fiance already lives there, see if he can go to the social services office and get a medicaid application and fill it out for you, because it takes about a month to get an appointment for approval. Your husband's income and yours combined must be under the poverty line level. That's just scary thinking of possibly no insurance for a year. That seems illegal now that Obama passed the new law that all Americans must be allowed to have affordable insurance.

SO HAPPY for you!!


HaitianBarbie, Here is a ton of resources to get free prescriptions and find free clinics etc. until you can get medicaid or insurance.

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You're welcome Ang! I use the search box a lot at the top far right of the page and type in words that are relevant like "low income" or the name of a place, or whatever word or symptom or drug you want to see what people have spoken of.

Thank you all!!

You need to notify your insurance of you moving and let your doctors know let them refer you to one so they can send your doctor records. Sometimes Medicaid won't pay in another state so make sure you tell them and make sure you have at least six months of refills on all of your medications. They will go by his income when you get married but if you get disability they won't. Just make sure you get what you need before leaving or changing any thing. and good luck

Congratulations!!! Post pictures of your wedding. I don't know about moving with an illness. I would think you don't need a new diagnosis just the proper paperwork for them to pick up the treatment. Maybe google RA in your part of GA or call the Lupus Mid Atlantic Foundation, they can provide resources for Lupus patients in your part of GA as a start.

Is there a local CVS or Rite Aid, transfer your prescriptions that way. I don't know about medicaid or other such programs. But, good luck and congrats

HaitianBarbie, I would STRONGLY suggest that you pick up your own records, then TAKE A COPY OF EACH PAGE FOR YOUR OWN POSSESSION, because clinics and doctors have lost my records, and it has made life much more difficult for me, since I have no way of proving illnesses from my childhood and early adulthood that are important for them to know about me. Then if they get lost, make a copy of your copy to give to them. Always keep a copy of your records for yourself.

Congraduates, (in advance)!!!! I've lived in Georgia all of my life, and it's what you make of it (for the new comers) -smile . Well the weather here is totally different from the weather up noth (totally) . Just be perpared for no snow days , nothing what NY has!!! The temps.,down here are okay !!! well right now we are in the 90's and it's not even July -yet!!! Me , myself , i think that i would try to find a doctor first before i made / make a move( have an appointment lined up for when you get here in advance , the move might send you into a flare - hope not ), I don't think you have to go through the tests again , just make sure that you have your present doctor to send/fax all your medical records and the meds., that you are taking to the new doctor so they can get your history together and get all the advice from the old doctor that you are seeing in NY. And i (think ) , that you can just tranfer your Medicaid to Georgia ,when you get here , oh ! by the way, here is a number to the Family and children service (in Decatur ,Ga.) at lest you can call and ask questions and it is a jump start , 404-■■■■■■■■, - but of course i don't know about the Medicaid. Hope that things work out for you and best wishes from me to you and with you later .... Beverly L.