My Dr is switching me to methotrexate injections once a week anyone else ever had this??

I was one this medicine my first 2 year of being DX . worked somewhat ,I in the 10 Yrs of having lupus the only. That help with the pain , or just sick all the time was sitting right in front of my face @ it was the gym @ diet then losing weight by building my skeletal making it stronger stop then pain. And starting gluten free diet took the inflammation out of my body and losing weight . And at my last DR’s appointment my Dr said you r in remission @ he said that if every patent was like me would be out of business @ at that only 0.1% of the population could never do what I done @ I don’t think I am better but this process took 2 yrs it’s easy @ sometimes I hated it the pay off is so great and I want everyone know they can do the something. And two I not out of the woods I still have have there rare diease Sjogren’s Syndrome which is another autoimmune disease

I am not familiar with Methotrexate being injected. I also cannot find on any of the medical sites it being used for Lupus. You might want to find out why your doc is switching you...Susan

Yes, I started it 5 weeks ago. My RA is extremely active now. Besides the methotrexate, I’ve also started Orencia 3 weeks ago. So far no side effects, can’t say that it is helping. My MD said it takes 3-5 months to see the benefits

I don’t mean this in a braggart sense, but I exercise 2-3 hours a week unless I can barely move. I’m in great shape. My diet is clean. I’m happy you feel better, Chelle. However, I can’t say I agree with you or your dr. If that statement were completely true, I would be pain-free. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s hell!

*except when I can’t move

I have been on the injections for quite a while now, was on the highest dose of pills before the switch. The injections are much better for me. I have not had a change in my level of pain so much as it stopped the constant flare I seemed to be in. The methotrexate and Benlysta along with the plaquinil and gabapentin I have gotten off the steroids. I'm not sure which is the lesser of the evils but for now it seems to be a cocktail that is working. Good luck

My experience is the same as Dee's except I have been on Orencia for 2 years and injectable MTX for one.

The doc changed me to MTX shots rather than pills to avoid the stomach and intestine probs the pills caused me.

I only recently ended a six month SLE flare so I am not under good control. :-(

Regards from Rosie

I did have injections for 3 months and it knocked me on my butt for two days after taking it. Did not see any improvement so I stopped it. Cell cept in the past was better tolerated for me.

I’m on the pill form of Methotrexate. I’m not sure what the difference is between them is other than the obvious shot vs. pill. I was very worried about going on it but I feel so much better now!! I have zero pain other than my normal bad foot/ankle that will likely never improve & I still have to be careful to not overdo on any activities so that I don’t flare. I did experience major nausea the 1st week but that has gotten better and now the only digestive issue I have is that I don’t get hungry & nothing sounds good to eat for about 4 days. I’m also very tired for 2 days after I take it. I take it on Saturday night, get up for church Sunday morning, take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon & still can barely make it to bedtime. Monday I’m tired but not so bad that I can’t function. I make it through the day then just go to bed early. Good luck! Hope it works well for you!!

Four years ago I started pill methodexrate n felt good unroll I started lung problems. Told my rhuemy for threeonths in a tow n finally on fourth month she sent me for chest Cray n to pulminologist . He immediately took me off the meyhodextrate. I guess lung scaring which can’t b reversed is a rare side effect.

Many times over the 27 years I have had SLE & crossovers-I was NOT able too tolerate the pill form- injections helped at least 60% of the GI/mouth on fire symptoms!

My mother was just switched as well- same experience- FOLIC ACID! NO PEPTO! No alcohol- takes a while to kick in, but helped me (just as cellcept did… Always make sure you get blood drawn as prescribed / so IMPT as far as Blood count is concerned!
Yup- 2days after are awful- but can plan around your week!

Feel better & hope it helps!

I take MTX injections and Orencia injections once a week. Still waiting for it to work. I can tell a small difference in my hands. Someone commented that MTX is not used for Lupus. Make sure you do your research. MTX is very often used for Lupus. Also, drink lots of water. . .research that too.

Take care