Today I had no plans so I decided to try no medication, as ive had an amazing effect with taking my medication so far.. I wanted to see if it was the medication or maybe my lupus had decided to give me a break.

I knew it wasnt a smart idea anyway but definately will never do it again.

my joins are in agony.

its sad tho because ive now realised how much I now depend on medication.

And its a horrible reminder that I do have a disease :-(

But!! With taking the right medication its managable....for now!!

Lupus is a disease that doesn't just go away- sometimes it goes into hiding though The problem is that you don't know when it will come roaring out of its hiding place. Medications, as annoying as they may be keep the beast under some control. I think we all have been lulled into a sense of security with our meds and luckily it often does no great harm in the short term to stop. But let me tell you if this beast lupus gets to roaring it can be months or even years to get it back under control. Your sore joints is just letting you know that the lion is not sleeping tonight

Very much agreed :-(

Completely agree! They tried taking me off of mine and a flare hit. Hope you feel better soon! :slight_smile:

I hate the medication dependency too. I am grateful, there is medicine to help us.

It’s hard to know how much you depend on medications but if your able to live a normal life with the help of them, it’s something to be grateful for.

I was going to quit taking my plaquinil in the fall but maybe I won't because I feel great right now.

I’ve done this a few times and always with the same result. I end up sicker than I was. Now I know and will never stop the plaquenil as it keeps the disease from progressing. I also won’t stop the trazadone that helps me sleep, with it I get 7 or 8 hours, without it maybe 3. I will gladly stop taking cellcept when the time comes as it keeps me nauseated all day every day. The other one I won’t stop is the zoloft as it really helps me deal with the fibro and keeps me from sinking into the abyss. I’ve been battling this disease for 30+ years and know from experience that stopping meds is a really bad idea. I look at it as my body is different and needs the meds to function. I wish I could stop the norco but it’s necessary to stay on top of the pain. It can be frustrating taking so many meds but it’s so much better than the alternative. Gentle hugs, Annemarie

It is difficult for me to come to accept that I to have an auto immune disease and must take medication on a regular basis in order to try and feel better and manage this condition. Going from being pretty independent to dependent on doctors and medication is hard to accept for me and from the comments in this forum for all of us to one degree or another.

If you had heart or kidney disease you wouldn't not take your medication. So you need to think of your immune system as a real disease that there is no cure for yet! I'm sorry you hurt so bad, but it is a good example for all of us.

Thanks for sharing this.

When the Dr. told me I had lupus I was shocked! The reason I went to the Dr. was to find out if I had RA or not. Instead I was told I had lupus. I didn't believe the Dr. and proceeded to go to another Dr. and was told the same after blood work and was put on plaquenil. I took it for several months and since I was still in denial about having lupus, I quit taking the medication. It didn't take me long to finally accept that I had this hateful disease. So, I take plaquenil and thank the good Lord that there is something to help. So far I do not have to take anything else. Whether that day is in the future for me or not, I'm thankful there are other possible helps and pray that one day a cure will be found! Hang in there and we care!

Yes it seems unbearable taking so many meds everyday and myself have taken my late than normal to see the severity which I will never do that again either,much as we dislike taking these meds and the side effects we are still so blessed to have a manageable day and not only that some of us cannot afford the meds to have a manageable day so we must thank God and pray for those who suffer far worse than us ,the ones who are hospitalized or have no finances and deal with the pain every day.