Lupus Medication and Weight Gain

Have you experienced weight gain due to your medication? What are you doing to counter it?

Check out this story of a young teener who now battles obesity caused by her lupus medication, particularly prednisone.

I’m trying to put wight back on the prednisone I don’t think its working

Hello Andre,

Certain meds with Lupus suffers stop working after a certain amount of time...with some people they only last from 1-2yrs then you need to be moved onto something stronger and in your case this maybe the reason.


Andre said:

I'm trying to put wight back on the prednisone I don't think its working

Hello Armando,

Great thread and i really do feel "Jeana"....although it was through seizures at the time the steriods took me from 7and half stone to 18st in's terrible what these drugs can do.

Sorry i can't properly react on weight now because of that situation i refuse any steriods or tablets that can gain weight.

There's so many member's going through this issue and alot of specialists never tell you the outcome of the meds properly.


I have been fortunate in that I haven't gained a lot with my prednisone but when on this drug I maintain a VERY strict diet- there are no snacks of any kind in my house- no chips no ice cream no cakes candies etc Foods are prepared fresh and either steamed, sauteed or poached nofried foods either as well as no sauces or gravies and not much in the way of breads either By this i then have room in my calorie count for more food cause lord knows you are always hungry. This time around I have gained just under 20 pounds but it is mostly because I am so physically inactive

Feeling just a bit better and increased my walking I have already lost 7 pounds