Lab results sent in the mail?!

Ok, earlier this week I called the neuro about the blood tests she ordered for Antiphospholipid anitibodies and she was supposed to call me back but didn't. I figured I'd just wait because of the MRI's anyway. But someone printed my results and mailed them to me.

Looks like I'm positive for both the Cardiolipin and the B2 Glycoprotein, IgM series. So, what the heck am I in for now? She suspected APS with SLE as a possible reason for my CNS issues and that I possibly may not have MS. Is this coming true? Stay tuned.

I still am miserable, I'm dizzy, very very exhausted and having a little trouble thinking with a headache, not to mention the body rash. I'm worried I'm gonna have a dawgon stroke waiting around for these results and doctors.... :( If I do the stroke walk again I am going to the ER this time, I've had enough. I may not fit the perfect description of any one disease but I sure do have enough clinical positive tests for some kind of help!

Is there anyone on this site with SLE and anti phospholoid syndrome that I could chat with? Please?

Happy Easter Everyone, I wish you all wellness and a great day!


I have APS as well Treatment long term is with aspirin to prevent the mini clots although in some cases they will use stronger anti-coagulants Diagnosed in 88- haven't had a 'stroke' yet but do periodically have neuro symptoms with a falre Scary huh especially when you start falling

God bless you---
This is a sample of the Prayers I pray through out the day---making lace keeps my hands busy so my heart and mind can focus on remembering people to God...I will remember you to him often today