ICE cold toes and purple foot

So my toes/feet have always been super cold but lately my right foot, half way up my leg has been purple. I am having ankle/foot problems so im not sure if its related to the foot or sonething else. It is also very swollen. Of course when im at the doctors its never purple...... any ideas what it could be??

I'm afraid I can't help with what it could be, but wanted to suggest you take a picture of it while it looks like this! That way you have something tangible to take with you to the doc next time, since we ALL know that things never ever (usually, hehe) are bothering us or looking like they do when we are most concerned about them. ::hugs::

How long has it been going on?? It could be a number of things. Anything help it, heat, ice, elevation? Does it happen at the end of the day after you’ve been on your feet? Or in the morning when you wake up? Also is there heat coming from your leg?

Have you been checked for blood clots. I have them and that’s what mine does. Be careful :slight_smile:

My toes turn purple and cold from lack of circulation. Never that far up though. Sounds serious… I wouldn’t mess around with it.

Hi I have Raynauds but its never one foit like that but my hands and feet turn ice white blue or bright red I would go to the Er right away and dont lrave til they make sense of this also make sure you dont have blood clots gout frostbite etc let us know

I just recently started having the same thing. I have had raynauds for years. but this year I noticed my legs turning blue from the knee down, especially when I stand for more then a few minutes. Mine hurt and feel “full” but the do not really swell. My doctor told me it is part of the raynauds. She changed my medicine to Felodipine and I am waiting to see if it improves.

I have had huge swollen feet and ankles and it’s so painful. Nobody can tell me why and I’ve seen a vascular specialist. It’s better now I’m on hydroxy. But be careful it’s not a dvt cus I’ve had similar and I was in hospital 7weeks. DVT is extremely painful but usually the leg is hard and red. Mine was purple. Take care x

Louters you need to go to the E.R. This sounds like a blood clot and to let it go even for a day could cause permanent damage!

If this is a chronic problem, if you have Sjogren's or Raynaud's,or even diabetes, they can cause lack of circulation, which soon leads to scary things I don't even want to mention. Just went through this with another lupie friend.

Some of the suggets above are good. It is always best to have such things checked out while they are happening. Going to the ER is a good idea. The possibilty of DVT or a blood clot are cause for immediate evaluation as they deadly. This is not an exaggeration!

Thanks all! It is nerve wracking when you look down and your foot is purple. Also when your friends notice and comment on it!!!