I am not crazy

I am a new member and I started reading all the posts from everyone. Before I read all these posts I thought maybe I was crazy and everything was just in my mind. Some doctors make you feel that way, they don’t belive your pain is real. With every post I read I realize other people has the same symptoms I have so I am not crazy. The more I read the more I cry. Lupus is a scary illness. Thank God I found this website. I can feel the emotional support from everyone!

You are never alone here. There's lots of good experience, wisdom and support here, just ask by starting a discussion or blog if you don't see what you need already. Peace & hugs, pjarden

i am glad your with us!

Welcome! :)

I think everyone of us has had a bad doctor at least once through our journey. I have had too many of them who didn't do any testing, just keep shoving more pills down my throat for the pain. Vicodin, Celebrex, Darvocet....I was shocked when they took my Darvocet off the market. I had just gotten another bottle full last October, the next month it was gone. If we all trusted our doctors like they did in the 60s & 70s we would all end up like Elvis Presley.

Yes, Lupus is scary, and frustrating, and depressing...

I am so happy too, to find great friends and peace of mind here with this wonderful group of friends.

Many Blessings,

Jen :)

you are certainly not crazy. How are you today? it is coooold here today and the wind is horrible, bit I got to have lunch with my grand daughter who turned 7 today...so it was a good day

Welcome to the family and hope that you find comfort when times go werry!!! Theres always some to talk to or find someone whom is going through the same as you .. This family support group has give me the relief of crying to laughing ( and i HAVE TO SAY IT FEEL GOOD ). WELCOME ONCE AGAIN and hope that you stay and share with us ... Beverly L.