Funny about 9 months ago I thought I had everything under control. My lupus was healed blah blah blah. Then I got a flare so freaken bad. Been since December. Can’t walk fall over all kinds of stuff never thought lupus would come back the mentAl effects the Drs has put me through my husband says I’m on a hamster wheel. I need to shut up and take the pain meds but Drs give u so much crap. Idk my problem is I haven’t left it in gods hands I guess. Pray for me before I loose my friggen mind.

I hope you are better soon. I will be thinking of you

I have lupus I get a lot of joint pain like you Than I had a bad flare up I had fluid in the lungs, I learned with lupus there is a lot of pain and sometimes people think you are going crazy. Try to do some walking and praying.

Thanks so no wonder I was in so much pain I had an absess behind where my tonsils were removed. With lupus it’s hard to tell when u have a serious infection or flare. Just got out of hospital again much better with clindamycin and more pred. Bless u all

I will be praying for all of us lupies

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