Humidity and flares

It has gotten very humid here over the last few weeks and I have been extremely achy and stiff. My throat has that funny feeling in it again and I'm back to needing 12-13 hours of sleep a day. I've also lost my appetite. All I want to eat is cream of crab soup and bread from one of the local restaurants. Haha.

I usually do very well when it's warm out, it's the cold that gets me, but could this have anything to do with the humidity? I also just finished my summer class so maybe my body's just completely wiped from school? I see the rheumatologist on the 19th so hopefully now he'll find enough wrong to give me the official diagnosis.

Yes I think it could be the humidity. The weather just changed here, and I got so sick when it did, it took me by surprise. I hurt all over, and my joints, my arms and legs were warm to the touch, but I was freezing to death. I went to bed, and I slept for several hours. I hope you're feeling better, and definitely bring this up with your rheumie.

Hi. I think, in addition to the humidity, that the pollen is very bad this year. I, too, have a tickle in my throat and feel overall lethargic. Hang in there as best you can. Best for your upcoming visit at the dr. Keep us posted. Prayers are coming your way. Thanks for sharing, Kim

Rheumy and I have a lot to discuss since the last time I saw him. Hope he's ready for my list of issues.

The humidity is supposed to not be as bad today, but we'll see if my body agrees. Even the bone you sit on, your butt bone, that hurts too. It's so weird!

Yes the humidity definitely affects my joints along with the extreme cold! The pollen is high too and I've been feeling that also, especially in my throat and my head. I take an anti-hisatime, either Claritin or Zyrtek and it helps alot! Be sure to tell your Rheumy all your symptoms the next time you go... When I was first diagnosed I had a little journal where I would write all my symptoms down daily until I started to realize what was Lupus related and what wasn't. :)

For you, it could well be. Everyone reacts differently. For me, living in the desert most of the year as I do is hell. Dry eats me up. When I’m in the SouthEast, most of my symptoms subside. Humidity doesn’t always feel great… but it does good things for me anyway.


I live in south Florida and during rainy season, which is now, I am Miserable! I have problems with cold and hot weather! Well the Humidity kills me too! I went as far as asking for a weather station with a Barometer and humidity reading on it for a Christmas present so I know how to chart my pain! Lol! From the month of May to the month of September is very hard for me, and Hurricanes or storms is a whole other story!

Best of luck…, Deenie

The humidity and pollen floating around everywhere right now makes me achey, sore throat, sinus congestion & bad headache. I take a prescription antihistamine year round. I have to say that this year has been horrible for the congestion part of the deal. For that I take pseudoephedrine. By the way, when humidity rises the mold count rises. You could be sensitive/allergic to mold, too. I am.

humidity definately affects me as well . we just had a very humid week here in NY and my throat was sore, I had swollen glands, very tired and achy. When the dry sunny weather came, I felt as good as could be. good luck.

Hi, hope everything turn out okay for you…Beverly L.