How many out there have achiness in the morning?

I have extreme achiness every morning when I wake up. Some days are worse than others but I always ache! Today I woke up early because I was, as usual, aching so bad. My whole body hurts from head to toe. I feel like I have the flu. My joints and muscles hurt. Although I never run a fever (I take Motrin around the clock so I don't think I would ever know). I also occasionally get bone pain where I have pain shooting through my bones. Sometimes it will be my arm, another time it will be my leg, sometimes even my head. Does anyone else have this every day?? The achiness does get better as the day goes on but I'm not sure if that is from the Lortab and Motrin or just in general. I know this is characteristic of Lupus, the achiness, but everyday??

YES YES YES, I know that I sure DO feel the same as you....I just told the cardiologist that I ache so bad in the mornings, I can't barely close my hands, the fingers are swollen, shiny looking, stiff and plain old HURT, somedays it lasts (all over head to toe, pain) , but most of the time it does subside slightly as the day goes on....Most joints/muscles in my body I would have to say for a year or so have been bad everyday! I haven't had one morning that I awoke feeling fine and not totally fatigued too....I pray every night before I go to sleep, to please have one day I would feel good, but I guess when u are not being "treated" for exactly waht is doing it, then how could that happen? Makes sense, right? We have to just go through the runaround with tests and those stares as if to say "HMMMM, this and that is odd?" by the doctors...But to their defense, I do feel bad in a way for them, these wide array of AUTOIMMUNE diseases are so mysterious and are never the same from one person to the next (I think there are 143, I may be off a few?)....I don't think anyone is ever "TEXTBOOK" which makes it triple as hard and if they are then they are actually sad to say, very lucky, cause they are figured out and treated early on....I for once, I went to a doctor today, that not a Rheumy. said these are the hardest diseases to figure out....So mysterious, he personally was amazed at the history of my Mom w/ the neg. ANA all her life till the day she passed away....Now that, to me, makes me feel as if I am not "crazy" or making it all up, due to my ANA also being negative. It really means nothing....If you read, so many healthy people have these antibodies positive and not one symptom, and us, sick so badly, are negative, Go figure? It may not even be LUPUS but could be a real mixture of all, MCTD, which is very tough to diagnose and treat! And many do have that....

BUT Mel, you are so not alone, I am sure if this is read by those here, they will tell you the same as me! Just try to Stay Strong & Be as positive as u can be, even when you feel totally DONE & wiped out....In time, we will be figured out, I have faith! {{HUGS}} & Sending Well wishes ur way! Suzie :0) xoxo

Hi Mel

I have the same experience in the mornings- I describe it as feeling as if I have run a marathon the day before. I usually hobble of to the shower for 10 minutes- take my meds and then start feeling a bit more human. About 6 moths ago I was prescibed pregabalin which I take at night- I have found this has helped me immensely. I sometimes wake in the night with a wierd tingling feeling- almost like a mild electric shock flowing through my body- doesnt happen often now but it is a bit freaky! If I had to describe my lupus in a few words I would say "dull ache all the time" I feel I have a constant background of pain, sometimes it gets worse sometimes it fades (good days and bad days), but goal is to manage it as best as I can and get on and enjoy my life.


Davina, you hit the nail on the head, so to speak. “constant background pain”. I could not have said it better!