Hints and Tips

Thought I would start this thread so we can all share our hints and tips for making life easier for us. Here are a few from me:

Check whether your shop has a home delivery service - many are free and even if you drive it will still save you carrying groceries to and from the car etc

See whether there is an occupational therapist in your area - in the UK this service is usually free and they order necessary equipment and install it etc

Break tasks down into easy segments rather than attempting all at once

Invest in a slow cooker… means you can make dinner when you are feeling reasonably alert in the morning and have it ready at dinner time with no extra effort required

See if your local pharmacy offers a service to put your pills in a dosette box - this will save you needing to remember which pills you need and when since they will all have been sorted for you. Best of all no more trying to push the pills out of foil packets

A radar key is brilliant since it allows you access to disabled toilets/restrooms etc. Purchasing one will give you somewhere to get out of the way if you need space. Also means you do not have to pay at stations and the like

Check to see if you are entitled to a blue badge (or equivalent) as this will allow you to park nearer to store entrances and often gets you free parking

Keep a note in your wallet/purse with lists of the medication you are on, including dosages and times needed etc in case you are suddenly taken ill

Keep an identical list to the one above in the fridge in a pot… make sure it is in an obvious place and put a note by the door alerting paramedics to the lists location

I hope that these give some of you something to think of… any more from anyone else?

As posted by mikejudd- Living With Fibro

I like the idea of having a medication list in the home.
I found a useful product, sold on amazon, called Sun Guard- you put it in with the laundry and it makes your clothes sun protective for several washes. I get allergies easily, and this stuff didn’t bother me. Sun exposure makes me itch, as well as sick in bed for three day.

Great ides Jane! Thanks for sharing! Hugs.

Jane S. said:

I like the idea of having a medication list in the home.
I found a useful product, sold on amazon, called Sun Guard- you put it in with the laundry and it makes your clothes sun protective for several washes. I get allergies easily, and this stuff didn't bother me. Sun exposure makes me itch, as well as sick in bed for three day.

At times I really don't feel like eating. IF I force myself to eat after about ten minutes later I feel nauseous. A friend of mine who is diagnosed the same as me bought us both a 'bullet' like the one advertised on TV. It purees vegetables or fruit into a delicious smoothie. When I 'drink' my daily requirement of fruit and veggies this way it does not make me feel sick at all.

There is a cheaper version available now that is just as good as the original. Just make sure the motor is under warranty and at least 600 rpm. Have fun adding your favorite flavors like coconut, banana or even chilli! Keep what's left in the fridge for later. Enjoy. :)


Memory trick

I battle with my memory alot. I tried this technique recently and thus far its worked. Ball your right hand into a fist when you need to remember something. Apparently it is directly connected to the side of your brain responsible for memory. When you need to retrieve the memorised detail ball your left hand into a fist.

The first time you do this, do it at least 2-3 times to 'store' the information properely.

Hope I've remembered this 'trick' accurately!

What a wonderful thread! Here are some of my tricks:

I write all appointments down on the calender, as well as carry the appointment reminder card in my purse. I make sure that all of my doctors either call or email to remind me of appointments.

I carry a medication list in my wallet, along with my insurance card. Can't tell you how often it has come in handy!

I wear a huge sun hat (even though I think I look ridiculus) or carry a sun umbrella whenever I know I will be outside.

I signed up for automatic prescription refill at my pharmacy.

Thanks, all! Some wonderful tips.

I set my phone with a weekly reminder to refill my medication hover, mine is 4/day 7day. That way I don’t just reach for my meds and don’t have to try to remember if I took them already.
I also do my best to make myself get dressed every day and make my bed. I don’t know why but it makes me feel like doing just a bit more.

Love the idea of SUN Guard going right on amazon and ordering some.

What tips do I have REST REST and more REST when not feeling good

Also do meditation/mindfull ness with friends once weekly for many years now, this I found seriously impacts on my attitude to Lupus and all the other bits life does like to throw at us. Doesn't happen just suddenly but a gradual shift. Loadds of good cds/ downloads on Amazon Deepa Chropa all good, and meditainment a really easy cd to just relax and disappear into.

Also like travel books, easy reading put down and pick up again, and now travel is really getting too much and escapism and second hand travel, without leaving the house. good Luck and would love some feedback, being new on the block, Philomela

pillpack.com sends your medication in little packets, according to when you need it. Never fill a pill box again! And it isn't more expensive than pharmacys.

Great ideas!

Great tips! Thanks everyone!

If you can afford to get some help do it.

Similar to above, for $3 my grocery store will shop for the foods I pick online, bag them and bring them to my car. I just choose a pick up time.

I have thought about having a housecleaner in but haven't the courage to do that one yet.

For bloodwork, see if you can find a lab that allows you to schedule your appointment in advance. This reduces waiting time as you usually get in before the drop-ins.

I type more that I write now as I often find my fingers don't want to cooperate to hold a pencil for too long.

Shop online in local stores, shipping is often free.

If you have children, always have a movie or quick quiet, independent activity that you know they will buy into with you. Guilt-free, sometimes I need 20 min to reset my energy and be able to "adult" again.

Pay bills as they arrive so that they don't get lost in the FOG.

Put on sunscreen EVERY day so that it becomes part of your routine. I have checked out hiking and outdoor stores to buy UV clothing. Lands End rash guard shirts are actually quite stylish and wearable when not at the beach.