Head coverings, scarves, hats, etc

Hi All! Most of my hair has fallen out because of a side effect from my combination of meds. I have a wig, but it's not comfortable to wear all of the time. Can anyone recommend a site to purchase scarves, hats, etc. that cover a mostly bald head? Thanks!

mbaer, do a search engine look up for head coverings for cancer patients. They are made well to stand up to long term use, and have features built into them that make them stay on your head. Winners if you ask me. Though I had a bookmark, but had to be on my old computer.

Pashminas, scarves, all sorts of things can be found easily online, often for free shipping. Try ebay, and any major department store chain that suits your price range (target and kohl's usually have racks of pretty scarves year round), also check out clearance sections to find bargains. I LOVE my rose colored pashmina, use it a lot to cover my head and neck when cold weather hits, so I don't trigger headaches and muscle spasms. Where I live all the stores are clearing out summer weight items, so if you can manage to get out and about, grab a friend and go see what turns up.

Will post back more if I can think of anything. Hope this was some help.

hugs, Louise


I live in London and find ‘Rokit’ a really nice and fashionable shop to buy beautiful silk scarfs. They are vintage too so you find really unusual designs…

The shop is located in Shoreditch, East London - Brick Lane but they have a website xxxx


Sorry to hear about your hair loss xxxxx

I find great hats at thrift stores. since my hair is a fuzzy mess, whats left of it, i wear hats when I leave the house. I hated it at first, but now I have fun with it. I also crochet my own hats since I'm stuck at home so much. it's simple and I find tutorials on line. It's a good option when you want just the right color for your hat. It's fun to add flowers or fabric to make a one of a kind hat as well.

I am a fan of the arab “hijab”. There are many sites that sell them, and they cover the head and neck (NOT face) and stay in place well with a small pin. Very soft and comfortable with many prints, colors, and ways to wear them.

When the sun is very intense you can wear a straw hat over the hijab. My daughters suggestion…she hates when I get rashes from sun exposure

Medical uniform stores have the head covering used by nurses and physicians. Another option is to purchase do-rags. These are the head coverings typically used by motorcycle riders to prevent “helmet hair.” These can be found at Walmart back in the automotive section. There are also websites with multiple options to tying scarves in addition to the hajib. Good luck!

Hi, you can also visit some thrift stores. They have some that are very nice and pretty. Or maybe family dollar stores have soon since the summer items are going on the clarence sales, TJ Maxx, or Marshallese carry some also. Hope you find what you are looking for, take care Beverly L.

Here are a few sites to check out:







Hope this helps and gets you covered. :-)