Hand Swelling

Hey there. My hands turn bright red, swell and become itchy. This happens upon waking up in the morning and then throughout the day. Does anyone else experience this? I really hate it. It sometimes seems to be triggered by temperature and emotions. Or it is just random, not sure.

My hands swell, and it is worse in the morning. The humidity really affect my hands as well. They don't turn red, but occasionnally they itch. The swelling goes all the way to my wrist and my fore arm is tender.


Hi Jennifer,

The sjogren's you have affects the joints, the redness and itching through the day regarding temps, this can occur with Raynuads...so i'd definitely get checked out with that.

Have you read the link on the main page for the sjogrens underneath the 3rd picture...that explains also in great detail what it causes to a large degree.

Love Terri xxx

I told my rheumatologist about this on Friday when I saw him. He suggested the same thing....that it is likely related to Raynaud's. I will check out the link you suggested....thanks much!

Jennifer when you see your Rheumo again you need it confirming properly and at what degree he things you have it...either primary or secondary.

There are the two links for you to read which i mentioned and your welcome anytime. xxx



My Raynaud's has been diagnosed as secondary to lupus, so I'm good with that. I just didn't know if the hand swelling is typical with lupus or was directly related to Raynaud's. I didn't know until I met with him on Friday. He said the same thing, that it is common with Raynaud's.

Hi Jennifer,

Your hand swelling can be related to both and with having secondary Raynauds it does cause some issue and pain.

My Raynauds is bad and my hands are always mainly swollen but it is through issues from the Lupus and raynauds acting combined but your doctor seems ok just only meeting him.