Had a biopsy

So I have this rash on the back of my neck/head. The derm wanted to biopsy it. It came back as subtle eczema. She said this doesn't rule out lupus, and they need to biopsy the face rash still, when it comes back.

Is it common to have lupus and eczema at the same time?

I feel so defeated. I was hoping this biopsy would come back as lupus and I could start treatment. If it turns out the rash on my face is eczema, I don't know what I'm going to do. That would leave me wondering, what's wrong with the rest of my body? What are all these flares that lead to strange bodily symptoms, fevers, hair falling out, aching all over. It just wouldn't make sense. I feel like I'm going crazy. And I don't want to biopsy my face because of the potential for scarring. Ugh. But I guess it just needs to be done.

I just want the face rash to hurry up and come, so I can know once and for all. I know that will lead to another flare, but I guess it's worth it in order to know.

Hi there. .I have had some severe symptoms that have brought me to the good Ole er. .several times. .everytime I go. …my inflammation levels are elevated. …but lupus test show no signs. .I’ve been going to a rheumatologist for the last few months. .he’s a moron…every doc I go to (primary. Er) says. .'are they testing you for lupus? " well. .that’s what I’m working on but I swear my rheumatologist thinks this is a game. .he says everything looks ok…I day what is defined as ok. …is high white blood cells ok? He says that could be any infection…is elevated inflammation levels ok? He says oh well that’s not much. …then sends me home like I’m a healthy new pup. …here are some signs I have. …blue hands swollen ankles. .SEVERE joint muscle chest neck pains…I was walking with a cane for 5 months…I’m 31 years old. .rashes scabs on scalp. .patches of thinning hair. …my advice. …please don’t give up. . You have signs. .keep on fighting. .I was in er wed and today. .they just found an aneurysm. …they sent me home. .even those docs say oh well go home. …12 hours lots of blood lots of pain meds for muscle pain. .and 2 cat scans. … they put steroids in my iv. .I finally,
after 10 days of pain and suffering. .felt better. .funny. .I’m fine but the steroids made me feel better. …hang in there. .don’t give up