Ok I have been prescribed this for facial and neck pain but kind of nervous to take it. I hate being knocked out by meds plus I hear that it causes weight gain. Does anyone else take this? Did you find it to be helpful? As it is written I am supposed to take 300mgs 3x day. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi, I started taking Gabapentin on August 17 th for pain. I started with 300mg once a day for a few days then added another dose. I took the. First one at night when I was going to bed so that the drowsiness wouldn’t bother so much. I felt a little weird the next day but my pain was less. After a few days when I added the second dose it seemed ok like it was still helping with pain. But another few days and I started getting fevers and headaches with the morning dose. When I called the doctor she said to continue the night dose and take the morning dose every other day. That worked and it helped a lot with the pain. But after about 4wks it wasn’t helping so much anymore. So again I had to change around my dosing. I am now taking 600mg.every night. Nothing in the day. Anya my point is it takes a while to get it to where you are comfortable with it. It does kind of make you feel weird but this is st my experience withit. have not noticed any weight gain or hunger increase.

Sorry I couldn’t continue for some reason on my last reply.
This med has helped with my pain. I was also weary to take it but u needed something to change. I was in so much pain all summer. I would suggest you be really aware of everything you are feeling. I know the listed side affects sound kind of scary. Be in contact with your Dr so they know what us going on and whether it is helping or not. I hope this helps a little bit. And good luck with the medicine,I hope it brings you some relief. Take care.

Thanks Kristi so much for your response, I think I will take it slow.