Flu shot?

This has probably already been asked but should I get a flu shot? I get one maybe every other year and this would be my year. Im concerned about vaccine safety especially with concerns over mercury. Anyone have any thoughts? Advice?


I have heard it is a very good idea for people with AI disease to get a flu shot every year. However, I was brought up on the other side of the medical “blanket”, so to speak. In other words, using just holistic remedies for most of my life. Which is why it took so long for me to seek out a rheumy and get on my meds. I have heard a lot of scary things about thimerol, I think it is, being used in the preparations for vaccines. I don’t know, but that sort of thing is very scary for me. So, I don’t get flu shots. Not to mention that a friend of mine got a flu shot last year, then promptly got the flu! I seldom get the flu, but occasionally do get colds, so for me, it is more to not get one.

This is what I know: The vaccine is a very tiny bit of live flu virus. So if your immune system is weak you will have a risk of it turning into the flu but it will be very mild and you will still build a immunity to that strand of flu. If you don’t get the shot and catch the flu it can be a lot worse. Last year 2 of my children got their flu shots on time 2 did not. Medicaid’s stupid fault! Anyway, of course the 2 who missed their shots got the flu and were out of school for over a week. This year we are all getting one.