First Benlysta Infusion...Scared

I have my first Benlysta infusion next Friday 11-18-11 and I’m very scared. Anyone on these infusions? What can I expect? Any feed back is appreciated!
Much love,

a few on this site have prayers are with you...i have not heard any neg feedback from the

the way I worded it made it sound like my prayers are with you because some on the site have tried it...i didn't mean it that way. (smile) i mean to say: I am here for your support and i wait to hear how you do

Thanks Janice. I’m very nervous & would like a better understanding of what to expect. I’m very sensitive to meds so this is worrisome. My first time to infuse. I have been on oral Immuran, which made me ill, and cause great weightloss…I was on methotrexate oral, didn’t tolerate it either then on methotrexate injections which I likewise didn’t tolerate. I am in leukopenia currently & am on no meds for disease . My Aldolase is high, my WBC is ver,very low… But my anti DNA is normal currently. Hoping to tolerate this infusion. My SsRo/Ra antibodies are in skyrocket mode:( I’ve always been sensitive to everything so again, I’m nervous:(… Hate Lupus… Though I’m not convinced Lupus is my biggest culprit. My symptoms are all over the place & always have been… Just want to not be tired, be pain free a while lol…I can dream huh ? Xoxo

Tara I hope that it works for you please let me know. I also have sjogrens (CNS) and CLE. I am getting ready to start immuran and very nervous about it. I am currently on prednisone 20mgs and plaquinil and Colcry for pericarditis. My DNA has never been abnormal. We both may be a rare breed lol.

I will try to...oh wait i just figured out how to find out who had started it...did you check the discussion box for benstyla tx? here's that site


My sister started immuran for RA and she said it's her miracle drug. So I hope that is encouraging. Let me know how it works for you.

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Thanks Jenny, I hope it is my miracle too. I can start it yet cause I have a cold. I cant wait to get off these steroids though lol. I will definately let you knw how it goes.